Name ISRCs Rating Length
#305 3:46
A Tale To Tell 3:29
A Thousand Times A Day (I'm Gonna Miss You) 4:58
Bender (I'm on One) 4:16
Boozin' Time 3:47
Breakin' Down 3:36
Come On 2:57
Dark Days 4:28
Dark Days 4:28
Don't Discard Me 3:04
Don't Discard Me 3:34
Don't Go With Him 4:23
Don't Go With Him 4:48
Fearless 3:48
Fearless 4:56
Fearless 4:55
For Taking My Baby Away 5:00
For Taking My Baby Away 4:38
Forgiveness From Revenge / God Never Lived in My Neighborhood 5:02
God Never Lived in My Neighborhood 3:04
Goodbye Cruel World 4:50
Goodbye Cruel World 3:38
Hell Has Frozen Over (On Who I Used to Be) 4:01
Hell Has Frozen Over (On Who I Used To Be) 4:00
Hell Has Frozen Over (On Who I Used To Be) 4:09
Hell Has Frozen Over (On Who I Used To Be) 5:12
Help Is On The Way 4:33
Help Is On The Way 4:17
Hittin' the Wall 3:50
I Ain't the One You Hate 3:15
I Don't Believe I'll Make It Home For The Summer 4:05
I Don't Cry Anymore 3:51
I'm Not Comin' Back 4:09
I'm Not Coming Back 3:49
Is This What You Wanted? 5:39
Jigsaw Puzzle 6:28
Jigsaw Puzzle (Non-Album Track) 6:27
Long Distance 5:21
Long Distance Nashville 4:55
Losing Everything 3:54
Mexican Breeze 4:00
Night Comes In 6:21
Note From a Woman to a Man 3:16
Nothing Lasts Forever 3:38
One Clear Shot 4:20
One Clear Shot 4:41
Pale Grey 5:28
Please Don't Leave Me 4:04
Pure Lonely 3:42
Rocket Man 4:50
Rumpled Up 3:54
Rumpled Up 3:37
Rumpled Up 3:36
Run 4:46
Sanctuary 4:12
Sing Me, Sing Me Back Home 02:3910.#305 2:38
Someday Never Comes 3:35
Sometimes She Forgets 3:16
Sorrow 2:40
Still Your Fool 4:00
Tell Me Why (You Are So Cold) 4:27
The Dumb Have Feelings Too 3:06
Third Rock From the Sun 3:11
To Break the Ice 3:15
To Break the Ice 3:21
Truth or Dare 3:15
Truth or Dare 3:15
Understatement Of The Year 3:19
What To Do 1:43
When I Think About You I Want To Kick Myself 4:12
Where's Mine (Seem's Like Everbody's Taking Pills) 3:06
Who Could Ask For More 5:11
Whored Out Again 3:56
Whored Out Again 3:57
Whored Out Again 3:59
Wings You Can Rely On 3:10
You Stand Before Me Crying 2:17

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