Calibre (Irish drum & bass DJ/producer Dominick Martin)

~ Person

Legal name: Dominick Martin (Dominick William Ernest Martin)



2001Musique ConcreteCalibre3
2005Second SunCalibre4
2009Shelflife, Volume 2Calibre53
2010Even If...Calibre1
2014Shelflife 3Calibre2
2016Shelflife 4Calibre2
2017The DeepCalibre2
2018Shelflife 5Calibre2
2019Planet HearthCalibre2
2020Shelflife SixCalibre2
2021Feeling NormalCalibre2
2021Shelflife 7Calibre1
2022Double BendCalibre1

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

2013FabricLive 68: CalibreCalibre2


1998Reflections / Last Man on EarthCalibre1
2000Do Your Thang Now / InpulseCalibre1
2000Mystic / Feelin'Calibre1
2001Jane’s Twitch / 3amCalibre1
2001Deep Everytime / What You NeedCalibre1
2001Interphaze / Fire & WaterCalibre1
2003Rockafella / BarcaCalibre1
2004Trust / WaitingCalibre1
2004Feeling Happy / Think AgainCalibre1
2004Mr. Maverick / HighlanderCalibre2
2004Drowning in You / One WordCalibre / Calibre & Zero Tolerance1
2004Drop It Down / BleepCalibre2
2004Mr. Majestic / The Other SideCalibre & High Contrast2
2004Hypnotise / The Water CarrierCalibre2
2004Blue Top / GeminiCalibre1
2005Losing You / ChariotKlute & Calibre2
2005Domeron / MaximusCalibre1
2005Providence / Hot FlushD‐Bridge vs. Commix / D‐Bridge vs. Calibre1
2006Aptitude Vol 1Calibre & L.I.S.1
2006Carry Me Away / Mr Right OnCalibre2
2006Like It Is / The Way You MoveCalibre2
2006Neighbourhood / Mista MuscleMC Fats, Calibre & A-Sides1
2007Thoughtless / Trip ItCalibre3
2007Hustlin / MovinCalibre2
2008Heather's Hot Waffles / New ConsChris Inperspective / Calibre2
2009Two Drop / UnderstandCalibre1
2009Dutty / Stolen ShadowCalibre1
2009Hard Times / Long DistanceCalibre / Zero T & Steo2
2009Ringtone / JackoffCalibre1
2009Let Me Hold You / Love's Too Tight to MentionCalibre3
2010Tenopause / Discreet DubCalibre1
2011Reverse Engineer / Easy GlideCalibre1
2011Foreign Bodies / Ugly DucklingCalibre1
2011Piano Bizness / Smooth BabyCalibre1
2012Temple Step / Simple EmotionCalibre1
2014Run Away / Somethin HeavyCalibre & Marcus Intalex feat. Fox1
2016Peso / My ChanceCalibre1
2016Iron Balls / Angle BreachCalibre1
2016Christiansen / AsabadBridge Vs Calibre / dBridge Vs 06S1
2017Sunrise / Broken WingsCalibre1
2018Falls to You / Crawler / The SprintCalibre1
2018Calibre & Jet LiCalibre & Jet Li1
2018Taciturn / Butter LoveCalibre1
2019Makes Me Wonder / Got To Have YouCalibre1
2019Typical Things / Simple SaCalibre1
2020Waterfall / What I Feel (2020 Remastered)Calibre & Zero Tolerance1
2020Falls to You VIP / End of MeaningCalibre1
2020White Horses / Living ForCalibre & DRS1
2021Bad / BadderCalibre & DRS v Mark Ernestus1
Atmospherical Jubilancy / All One CallLTJ Bukem / Calibre1

Single + Remix

2009Refusal (Calibre remix) / Be ThereCalibre1


2003Just FineCalibre1
2006Late Night Squeeze EPCalibre2
2006Corner Dance EPCalibre2
2006Deranged EPCalibre2
2008Roundhouse EPCalibre2
2008Don't Mind EPCalibre3
2010Judgement Day EPCalibre2
2011Hummer EPCalibre2
2015Strumpet EPCalibre2
2015Dreamz Dub EPCalibre2
2018Break That EPCalibre2

EP + Spokenword

2020Foundation With CalibreMarcus Intalex & Calibre1

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