HyperDuck SoundWorks (video game music artists)

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Album + Soundtrack

2011A.R.E.S: Extinction AgendaHyperDuck SoundWorks3
2011BiteJacker: Undead on ArrivalHyperDuck SoundWorks2
2011Undead on ArrivalHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2011The Blocks Cometh: By HalfbotHyperDuck SoundWorks2
2012Dust: An Elysian Tail - Original SoundtrackHyperDuck SoundWorks55
2013Knightmare Tower - Original SoundtrackHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2013Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 4 OSTHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2013Kingdom Rush Frontiers Original SoundtrackHyperDuck SoundWorks2
2015Toto Temple Deluxe - Original SoundtrackHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2017Cosmic Star Heroine - Original SoundtrackHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2017KROMAIAJosh Whelchel, David Saulesco & HyperDuck SoundWorks1
2017Never Stop Sneakin' Original SoundtrackHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2018The Adventure Pals - Original SoundtrackHyperDuck SoundWorks1


2011GumustdoHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2014Once Upon A TimeHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2016Man of ScienceHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2018Cosmic Star Heroine - The Official Cutscene SuiteHyperDuck SoundWorks1

Single + Soundtrack

2018Cosmic Star Heroine - The Official Cutscene SuiteHyperDuck SoundWorks1

Single + Remix

2011Hoy, Small Fry! (Zelda Remix)HyperDuck SoundWorks1
2013Duke Nukem 3D RemixesHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2016Beyond The Imperial Prison (Oblivion Medley)HyperDuck SoundWorks1
201625 Games for my Son - Chrono Trigger RemixesHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2019Slap City - Iji Soundtrack RemixesHyperDuck SoundWorks1

EP + Soundtrack

2010Break LimitHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2010Zero GearHyperDuck SoundWorks2
2013SNAAAAAKE! - Original SoundtrackHyperDuck SoundWorks1
2016Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre - Original SoundtrackHyperDuck SoundWorks1

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