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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Locomo Gwendal FRZ118306188 4:27
Me Meus Bet Plijadur Gwendal FRZ117400560 3:00
Me Meus Bet Plijadur Gwendal 5:30
Menez avel Gwendal 4:02
Menez avel Gwendal 3:58
Menez Avel Gwendal 4:06
Menez Avel Gwendal 3:54
Mon Joli Scooter Gwendal FRZ111000699 4 17:29
My Love Is a Band Boy Gwendal 3:22
My Love Is a Band Boy Gwendal FRZ111000701 3:16
N' douagad Gwendal 5:07
N' douar Gwendal 6:04
Noces de granit Gwendal 3:50
Noces de Granit Gwendal 4:18
Noces de Granit Gwendal 4:21
Nous n'irons plus, 1ère partie Gwendal FRZ111000685 1:01
Nous n'irons plus, 2ème partie Gwendal FRZ111000687 1:49
Pan ha Ddskan Gwendal 4:55
Patrick's Day Gwendal 2:50
Patricks Day Gwendal FRZ117400570 2:15
Pbkata Gwendal FRZ118100370 5:23
Pbkata (live) Gwendal 4:05
Pilo rosso Gwendal 4:30
Plantxy-Birke Gwendal 3:52
Planxty-Birke Gwendal FRZ117408110 3:50
Pretty Brown Maid Gwendal FRZ111000690 1:40
Push-Pull Gwendal 3:14
Push-Pull Gwendal FRZ118306189 3:14
Rainy Day Gwendal FRZ111000698 4 6:29
Rue de Petit Musc Gwendal 4:41
Rue du Petit Musc Gwendal FRZ117507136 4:40
Sacra Matao Gwendal FRZ118300410 4:08
Sacra Matao Gwendal 3:57
San Sebastian Night Fever Gwendal FRZ111001240 4:40
Skai Reel Gwendal 5:57
Sopo Song Gwendal FRZ117408109 2:30
Stand All Gwendal 3:22
Steren Gwendal 4:13
Steren Gwendal 4:17
Steren Gwendal 4:15
Stone Eire Gwendal 3:07
Stone Jig Gwendal 3:40
Stone Jig Gwendal 3:37
Suite d'Arrées Gwendal 9:18
Terra celta Juan Pardo con Gwendal 4:28
Texas Quistep Gwendal FRZ111000691 2:25
The Lucky Lover Gwendal 3:25
The Walls of Liscarroll Gwendal FRZ117600500 4 3:59
The Walls of Liscarroll Gwendal 5:08
Tirauki Oskorri feat. Gwendal 4:30
Toboggan Gwendal 5:15
Uilean Mandinga, 1ère partie Gwendal 3:25
Uilean Mandinga, 2ème partie Gwendal 2:35
Up to the Sky Gwendal FRZ111000969 3:45
War-Raog Gwendal 6:43

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