The Hit Crew (soundalike artists under Drew's Entertainment)

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A revolving group of session musicians who perform sound-alike and cover versions of songs under the "DJ's Choice" and "Drew's Famous" brands for Drew's Entertainment (Greenbrook, NJ, USA).
The Hit Crew:

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1997Extreme Party MixThe Hit Crew1
2002DJ's Choice / Kids Halloween Party MusicThe Hit Crew1
200657 Haunted House HorrorsThe Hit Crew1
2007Drew's Famous Step By Step Party MusicThe Hit Crew1
As Seen on TV: Halloween SpecialsThe Hit Crew1
Graduation 2000The Hit Crew1
Kids Halloween Party MusicThe Hit Crew1
Ultimate Dance Party FavoritesThe Hit Crew1
Worship FavoritesThe Hit Crew1


2000Celebrate AmericaThe Hit Crew1
200330 Greatest Fun SongsThe Hit Crew1


1997ElectronicaThe Hit Crew1
1998Drew’s Famous Those Were the Days Party MusicThe Hit Crew51
1998Top 14 CountdownThe Hit Crew21
1999Hits After Hits After HitsThe Hit Crew11
2000Kid's Halloween Sing-a-LongThe Hit Crew1
2000Today’s Best CountryThe Hit Crew1
2001Drew's Famous: Awesome 80'sThe Hit Crew21
2001Drew’s Famous: Unforgettable MemoriesThe Hit Crew1
2002Drew's Famous Fiesta Party MusicThe Hit Crew1
2002Drew's Famous New Year's Party MusicThe Hit Crew1
2002Drew's Famous Ultimate Halloween Party MusicThe Hit Crew1
2003Drew's Famous Welcome to Paradise IslandThe Hit Crew51
2003Drew's Famous Steel Drums of the IslandThe Hit Crew31
2004Authentic Celtic Party MusicThe Hit Crew1
2004Mexican Dinner Party MusicThe Hit Crew1
2005As Seen on TV: Halloween SpecialsThe Hit Crew51
2005Fun SongsThe Hit Crew51
2006Drew’s Famous Kids Carpool ClassicsThe Hit Crew1
2006Motown ClassicsThe Hit Crew1
2007Halloween Party MusicThe Hit Crew41
2007Kids’ 50 Bestest Halloween SongsThe Hit Crew1
2007VictoryThe Hit Crew11
2007Happy HourThe Hit Crew21
2007Party of the YearThe Hit Crew51
2007The 80's When Music Was RealThe Hit Crew21
200914 Fun FavoritesThe Hit Crew1
2009Kids Easter FunThe Hit Crew1
2009The Essential Michael Jackson Party MusicThe Hit Crew31
2009Ultimate Halloween Party FavoritesThe Hit Crew1
201225 Best Kids Stories, Volume 1The Hit Crew41
2015Drew's Famous Halloween Spooky SoundsThe Hit Crew1
Country Dance PartyThe Hit Crew21
Drew's Famous Halloween Special FXThe Hit Crew21
Drew's Famous: Turn Up The MusicThe Hit Crew1
Music for my 1st ChristmasThe Hit Crew1
Tribute to Raven SymonéThe Hit Crew41

Album + Compilation

1994Drew's Famous Halloween Party MusicThe Hit Crew2
1994Drew's Famous Party MusicThe Hit Crew42
1997Drew's Famous 70's Party MusicThe Hit Crew31
1997Drew's Famous Sports Jams Party MusicThe Hit Crew1
1997Drew’s Famous Sex MusicThe Hit Crew1
1998Kids Fun: Games, Songs & Sing-A-LongsThe Hit Crew51
1998DJ's Choice: Halloween Party MusicThe Hit Crew51
1998Halloween Horror Movie ThemesThe Hit Crew21
1999Halloween Big Screen ThrillersDJ's Choice32
1999Drew’s Famous Hot Summer Fun Party MusicThe Hit Crew1
1999Drew's Famous Latin FiestaThe Hit Crew1
2000Kids Party FunThe Hit Crew51
2000Happy New YearThe Hit Crew1
2000Heavy HalloweenThe Hit Crew1
2001Spring Break Dance PartyThe Hit Crew32
2001Drew’s Famous St. Patrick’s Day Party MusicThe Hit Crew41
2001Mardi Gras MadnessThe Hit Crew41
2002Drew's Famous 30 Greatest Country DudeThe Hit Crew1
200257 Greatest Kids SongsThe Hit Crew11
2002More Kids Fun: Games, Songs & Sing-A-LongsThe Hit Crew31
2003Drew’s Famous 30 Greatest Summer HitsThe Hit Crew1
2003Drew's Famous Summer Party Hits!The Hit Crew11
2003DJ's Choice Kids Fun ChristmasThe Hit Crew1
2003A Tribute to... The Wizard of Oz and MoreThe Hit Crew11
2003Drew's Famous 100 Greatest Kids Songs!The Hit Crew31
2003Drew's Famous Luau Party MusicThe Hit Crew11
2003DJ's Choice More Halloween Party MusicThe Hit Crew1
2003New Age Christmas: A Tribute to Mannheim SteamrollerThe Hit Crew51
2004As Seen on TV: Cop Show Theme SongsThe Hit Crew11
2004Canciones de NavidadThe Hit Crew1
2005Drew's Famous Pirate PartyThe Hit Crew51
2006As Seen on TV: Halloween SpecialsThe Hit Crew51
2007Drew's Famous 30 Greatest Country DuetsThe Hit Crew1
2007A Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock Movie ThemesThe Hit Crew51
2007Drew's Famous: Party Music - Music AwardsThe Hit Crew31
2007American HorsepowerThe Hit Crew31
2007Basketball Party MusicDrew’s Famous Party Music1
2007Drew's Famous Party on the Grill Dinner MusicThe Hit Crew21
2007Kids Scary Stories & Spooky SoundsThe Hit Crew31
2007Kids Halloween Party MusicThe Hit Crew1
2009New Year's Party MusicThe Hit Crew21
2010175 Ultimate Halloween Sound EffectsThe Hit Crew1
50 Bestest Kids SongsThe Hit Crew41
Christmas FavoritesThe Hit Crew1
Drew's Famous Country Western Party MusicThe Hit Crew21
Drew's Famous Party of the CenturyThe Hit Crew11
Drew's Famous: Reception Party MusicThe Hit Crew31
Drew’s Famous Hawaiian Luau PartyThe Hit Crew1
Full MoonThe Hit Crew21
Halloween House PartyThe Hit Crew1
Halloween Dance Party 11The Hit Crew31
Island Party JamsThe Hit Crew1

Album + Soundtrack

2000Halloween Scariest Movie Themes and HauntingsThe Hit Crew1

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