Album + Spokenword

2008More! 2 Minute Film Noir - "Joe & Moe"ZBS Foundation1

Other + Spokenword

20094 Minute Film NoirZBS Foundation1

Other + Audio drama

1974Moon Over MoroccoZBS Foundation52
1977The Ah-Ha PhenomenaZBS Foundation1
1978The Incredible Adventures of Jack FlandersZBS Foundation2
1987Dreams of RioZBS Foundation1
1990Ruby 3, Part 1: The UnderworldZBS Foundation1
1990Ruby 3, Part 2: The Invisible WorldZBS Foundation1
1992Dreams of India: A Travels With Jack AdventureZBS Foundation51
1992Dreams of Bali: A Travels With Jack AdventureZBS Foundation51
1992Dreams of the AmazonZBS Foundation1
1993Dreams of Sumatra: A Travels With Jack AdventureZBS Foundation51
1994Maltese GoddessZBS Foundation1
1994Ruby 4, Part 2: The Turban of El MoryaZBS Foundation1
1994Ruby 4, Part 1: The Moon Coins of Sonto LoreZBS Foundation1
1995Ruby 4, Part 3: Dark Night of the ReptoidsZBS Foundation1
1995Ruby 4, Part 4: Mad Moon for RubinaZBS Foundation1
1996The Mystery of Jaguar ReefZBS Foundation1
1998Midnight at the Casa Luna, Part 1ZBS Foundation2
1998Ruby 5: The Land of ZootsZBS Foundation1
1998The Insiders' LoungeZBS Foundation1
2000Midnight at the Casa Luna, Part 2ZBS Foundation2
2000Return to InvernessZBS Foundation1
2001Ruby 6: The IllusionatiZBS Foundation1
2001Steam Dreamers of Inverness, Part TwoZBS Foundation1
2002Drummer's Dome & The Velveteen SubmissionZBS Foundation1
2002Dreams of the Blue MorphoZBS Foundation1
2002Somewhere Next Door to RealityZBS Foundation1
2003Do That in Real Life?ZBS Foundation1
2003The Eye of Van GoghZBS Foundation1
2004A Streetcar Named "Le Petit Lafitte"ZBS Foundation1
2004Ruby 6.5: Far Flung FaroukZBS Foundation1
2005Orchids & MoonbeamsZBS Foundation1
2005The Case of the Disappearing Witch: A Little Frieda MysteryZBS Foundation1
2006Ruby 7: Dream Weaver, Dream DeceiverZBS Foundation1
2006The Ghost IslandsZBS Foundation1
2007Sticks & O Boy O Boy O & The Bleeding ManZBS Foundation1
2008Ruby 7.5: The Tookah's TalesZBS Foundation1
2009Fallen Angels That BounceZBS Foundation1
2009Mojo's Vest Pocket AdventuresZBS Foundation1
2009Ruby 8: Good King Kapoor!ZBS Foundation1
2010Villains on ParadeZBS Foundation1
2010Lady Windermere's Brass FantabulousZBS Foundation1
Ruby: Tired of the Green Menace?ZBS Foundation1

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