Pete Seeger

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EventTypeRoleLocationDate TimeRating
1987-10-23: St. Peter’s Church, New York City, NY, USA (1987-10-23) (John Hammond memorial service)main performer 1987-10-23
1996-09-29: Severance Hall, Cleveland, OH, USA (1996-09-29) (Woody Guthrie tribute concert)Concertmain performer 1996-09-29
2009-01-17: Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC, USA (2009-01-17) (rehearsal for the Obama Inaugural Celebration “We Are One” concert)main performer 2009-01-17
We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial (2009-01-18)main performer 2009-01-18
The Clearwater Concert (2009-05-03)Concertmain performer 2009-05-03