Pep Love

~ Person


legal name: Paulo Peacock
member of: First Light (american hip hop)
Hieroglyphics (US underground hip hop group)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
art direction
Ascension Pep Love
Street Legends
Beedie Juice Mystik Journeymen feat. Pep Love ?:??
Center of Attention Dilated Peoples feat. Souls of Mischief & Pep Love 3:37
Do Not Touch Tajai feat. Pep Love 3:26
Go Back to School guest Extra Prolific 3:12
Interpretations The Grouch & Eligh feat. Toons & Pep Love 4:56
No Easy Way CMA feat. Pep Love 5:30
Scream! Tajai feat. Pep Love 2:24
Soul-Man Eligh feat. The Grouch & Pep Love ?:??
Soul-Man Eligh feat. Pep Love & Grouch 5:10
That Bullshit Casual feat. Pep Love & Saafir 1:47
The Onus Tajai feat. Pep Love 5:08
The Situation (feat. Pep Love) Encore ?:??
Warriors Dance Zion I feat. Pep Love 3:41
Whatchuwannado? Bicasso feat. Pep Love 4:58
When the Moonshines Relic feat. Pep Love 3:52
Who's It On Casual feat. Del tha Funkee Homosapien & Pep Love 3:56
Why I Crew CMA feat. Pep Love ?:??
Why I Crew CMA feat. Pep Love 4:26
’94 Via Satellite background vocals and guest Souls of Mischief feat. Del the Funky Homosapien 4:57
7 Sixes Hieroglyphics 4:49
A New Religion Pep Love 3:58
Act. Phenom Pep Love 4:17
Ascension Pep Love 4:07
Batting Practice background vocals and guest Souls of Mischief 4:04
Black People (Melanin Magnetic) Pep Love 5:40
Classic Hieroglyphics 3:08
Different Pep Love 3:55
Fantasy Island Hieroglyphics 4:28
Full Circle Hieroglyphics feat. Goapele 4:40
Heatish Hieroglyphics 4:54
If You Can't Beat 'em Pep Love 3:49
Jingle Jangle Hieroglyphics 4:38
Karma (The Snake Charmer) Pep Love 5:33
Let It Roll Hieroglyphics 3:47
Living Is Beautiful Pep Love 3:52
Love Flowin Hieroglyphics 3:43
Make Your Move Hieroglyphics feat. Goapele 4:29
My Energy Pep Love 4:16
No Man’s Land background vocals and guest Souls of Mischief 4:38
Pacific Heights Pep Love 4:52
Powers That Be Hieroglyphics 4:54
Prelude Hieroglyphics 1:47
Shift Shape Hieroglyphics 5:23
Street Legends guest Blue Sky Black Death feat. A‐Plus & Pep Love 4:22
T.A.M.I. Pep Love 4:53
That’s When Ya Lost guest Souls of Mischief 3:35
The Fight Club Pep Love 4:17
The Grime & Grit Pep Love 3:21
The Grind Pep Love 4:11
The Onus (What You Are) Pep Love 6:12
The Undisputed Champs guest and lead vocals Del the Funky Homosapien feat. Q‐Tip & Peplove 4:14
U.S. Pep Love 6:42
Warriors Dance guest Zion I feat. Pep Love 3:41
Yeah it Was You guest Souls of Mischief feat. Pep Love 1:56