Solas (Irish traditional folk)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Wind That Shakes the Barley Solas 2:55
The Wind That Shakes the Barley (live) Solas 3:19
The Yellow Tinker / Cranking Out / Master Crowley’s #2 Solas 4:10
There Is a Time Solas USCO90849009 3:25
This Love Will Carry Solas 4:24
Tilly’s Jig / The Happy Traveler Solas USCO90849003 4:11
Timmy Clifford's Solas ?:??
Timmy Clifford's (Reunion) Solas USCO90643104 5:26
Timmy Clifford’s / The Return Home / O’ot Be Est da Vong / John Joe Casey’s Solas 5:27
Timmy Cliffords (live) Solas 5:41
Tom Busby’s / James O’Byrne’s / The Four Posts of the Bed Solas 3:51
Tom Sullivan's / Mick's Polka / The Newmarket Polka Solas 3:32
Trip to Kareol Solas USCO91053010 3:01
Unnamed Shetland Reel / Da New Rigged Ship Solas QZ23J1500008 3:04
Unquiet Grave Solas ?:??
Vanished Like the Snow Solas 4:37
Vital Mental Medicine / The Pullet Solas USCO90849007 3:39
Wandering Aengus Solas feat. Noriana Kennedy QZ23J1500005 4:29
Wedding Celebrations Begin Solas 2:11
Welcome the Unknown Solas QMKYL1200011 3:42
What's Up With Win / Sonny Brogan's / Cahal's Jig (jigs) Solas 4:35
When My Love and I Parted Solas 3:01
Who's in the What Now Solas 3:54
Who's in the What Now Solas ?:??
Who's in the What Now (Reunion) Solas USCO90643111 3:48
Willie Moore Solas feat. Niamh Varian Barry QZ23J1500014 4:29
Wind That Shakes the Barley Solas ?:??
Women of the Court Solas 3:32

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