Solas (Irish traditional folk)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Maybe in a Prayer Solas 4:53
Merry Go Round Solas USCO90849005 4:35
Mi pequeña estrella (Little Star) Solas 3:38
Michael Conway Solas 5:40
Michael Conway Solas QMKYL1200005 6:08
Mollaí na gCuach Ní Chuilleanáin Solas USCO90849004 4:08
Mollaí na gCuach Ní Chuilleanáin Mairead Phelan & Solas 4:08
Mom’s Jig / Bill Nicholson’s 67th Solas 3:50
Mr. and Mrs. Walsh Solas QZ23J1500012 4:14
My Dream of You Solas USCO90849012 4:52
My Fancy Solas QMKYL1200007 1:03
My Parents Reared Me Tenderly Solas 3:38
Newry Highwayman Solas USCO90643105 3:17
Newry Highwayman Solas ?:??
Níl 'na Lá Solas 2:23
Níl 'na Lá Solas USCO90643115 2:47
Níl 'na Lá Solas ?:??
No Forgotten Man Solas QMKYL1200016 5:33
Not Alone Solas feat. Karan Casey QZ23J1500010 4:50
On a Sea of Fleur de Lis Solas 5:44
On a Sea of Fleur de Lis Solas USCO90643112 5:12
On a Sea of Fleur de Lis Solas ?:??
Paddy Taylor’s / McFadden’s Handsome Daughter / The Narrowback / Frank’s Reel / Esther’s Reel Solas 5:55
Paddy Taylors Solas 10:05
Pádraig Óg Mo Chroí Solas feat. Deirdre Scanlan QZ23J1500009 6:17
Pastures of Plenty Solas 3:24
Pastures of Plenty Solas 3:23
Pastures of Plenty Solas USCO90643101 3:46
Pastures of Plenty Solas ?:??
Patsy Touhey's Set Solas 6:30
Prelude #1 / Black Annis Solas 6:33
Prelude #2 / Georgia Lee Solas 6:18
Prologue Solas 4:19
Rain and Snow Solas USCO90643109 3:35
Rain and Snow Solas ?:??
Reasonland Solas with Mindy Smith 4:37
Reasonland Solas USCO90643106 5:01
Reasonland Solas ?:??
Reel Friends Solas 2:34
Reunited in Myth Solas 5:26
Roarie Bummlers Solas QZ23J1500001 4:15
Roger the Miller Solas 4:38
Sadhbh Ní Bhruineallaigh Solas USCO91053009 3:12
Sailor Song Solas USCO90849008 4:10
Scarecrow's Dream Solas 4:22
Seoladh na nGamhna Solas 3:20
Seven Curses Solas USCO90849002 3:52
Seven Curses Solas 3:51
She Is Like the Swallow Solas 3:57
Shola na nGamhna / Wiggly Jigs Solas ?:??
Silver Dagger Solas USCO90643103 4:55
Silver Dagger Solas ?:??
Sixteen Come Next Sunday Solas feat. Karan Casey QZ23J1500015 3:22
Sliabh Geal gCua na Féile Solas 4:05
Song of Choice Solas 3:37
Song of the Kelpie Solas 4:53
Sorry Solas USCO91053011 3:14
Sproggies Set Solas 4:12
Sráid an Chloig Solas 3:39
Standing on the Shore Solas feat. Moira Smiley QZ23J1500002 4:32
Steven Campbell's / The Road to Ringussoon / The Bag of Beer Solas 4:48
Sunday's Waltz / Solo Double Oh Solas USCO90849006 5:06
Tap 'Er Light Solas QMKYL1200003 0:14
Tell God and the Devil Solas 3:32
Tell God and the Devil Solas QMKYL1200004 3:41
The Ballerina Jig Solas 3:55
The Beauty Spot Solas 6:59
The Beauty Spot Solas 6:40
The Beauty Spot (Reels) Solas 4:20
The Big Reel of Ballynacally / The High Hill / Flash Away the Pressing Gang Solas 4:33
The Big Reels Solas ?:??
The Coconut Dog / Morning Dew Solas 3:54
The Crows of Killimer / Box Reel #2 / Boys of Malin / The Opera House Solas USCO91053003 5:45
The Cry for War Solas 3:20
The Ditching Boy Solas USCO91053002 3:47
The Flowing Bowl Solas USCO90643116 3:24
The Flowing Bowl Solas 3:50
The Flowing Bowl Solas ?:??
The Flowing Bowl / Máire Breatnach's #1 / The Doon / The Mason's Men Solas 3:54
The Gallant Hussar Solas USCO90849011 4:40
The Gift of the Bodyguards Solas 1:40
The Gray Selchie Solas 2:13
The Grey Selchie Solas 6:11
The Hanover Reel / John James' Reel / The Copperplate Solas 5:01
The Highlands of Holland Solas 3:53
The Kilnamona Barndance / Give the Girl Her Fourpence / My Maryanne Solas 4:13
The Maid on the Shore Solas 4:31
The Maid on the Shore Solas 4:34
The New Custom House / The Flavor Of The Month / The Tinkers Daughter / Dogs Among The Bushes / Pinch Of Snuff (reels) Solas 5:49
The Newry Highwayman Solas 3:24
The Newry Highwayman Solas 4:50
The Night Visit Solas 5:33
The Ploughman Solas 4:09
The Poisonjester's Mask Solas 8:07
The Primrose Lass / Molly From Longford / The Four Kisses Solas 3:28
The Pursuit Solas 1:02
The Silver Dagger Solas 4:31
The Stride Set Solas 6:09
The Stride Set (Reels) Solas 6:45
The Unquiet Grave Solas 4:51

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