Solas (Irish traditional folk)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Chomaraigh Aoibhinn Ó Solas 4:44
A Girl in the War Solas USCO91053004 4:14
A Little Child Solas 4:02
A Miner's Life Solas 4:55
A Newry Highway (live, 1997-10-16: KGSR studios, Austin, TX, USA) Solas 3:23
A Sailor’s Life Solas USCO91053007 2:49
A Tune for Roan Solas USCO91053012 4:50
A Waltz for Mairead Solas USCO91053005 3:41
Adieu Lovely Nancy Solas 4:44
Aililiú na Gamhna Solas 3:36
All That You Ask Me Solas 5:15
All These Years Solas QZ23J1500016 2:50
Am I Born to Die? Solas QMKYL1200015 4:47
Am I Born to Die? (EP version) Solas 4:43
And Now, a Banjo Moment Solas QMKYL1200012 0:17
Another Day Solas 3:02
Arbor Day Solas feat. Aoife O’Donovan QMKYL1200010 5:04
As I Went Out Walking Solas feat. Moira Smiley QZ23J1500013 4:09
At the Court of Finn McCool Solas 1:56
At the Wedding of Finn and Grania Solas 12:25
Beauty Spot Solas USCO90643114 6:32
Beauty Spot (live video) Solas ?:??
Beck Street Solas 3:21
Bheadh Buachaillin Deas ag Sile Solas 3:18
Big Reel of Ballynacally Solas 5:27
Bird in the Tree Solas 5:31
Bird in the Tree (live video) Solas ?:??
Black Annis Solas USCO90643110 5:35
Black Annis (live video) Solas ?:??
Bleadh Buachaillin Deas Ag Sile Solas 5:30
Bonnie Mae Solas 3:59
Boy/Girl Tune Solas 3:37
Bruach na Carraige Baine Solas 5:38
Charmy Chaplin Solas 5:20
Clothes of Sand Solas 4:18
Coconut Dog / Morning Dew Solas USCO90643102 4:07
Coconut Dog / Morning Dew (live video) Solas ?:??
Columbia Gardens Solas QMKYL1200009 0:39
Crested Hens Solas 5:15
Crested Hens (live video) Solas 4:35
Darkness Darkness Solas feat. Moira Smiley QZ23J1500006 4:46
Darkness Darkness (live video) Solas ?:??
Darkness, Darkness Solas 5:01
Diarmuid Drills Finn's Army Solas 4:28
Diarmuid's Capture and Death Solas 4:51
Diarmuid's Reflection Solas 2:45
Dignity Solas 5:06
Doireann's Waltz Solas 4:18
Dougie MacDonald’s / Máire Breatnach’s #2 / The Antrim Rose / Atlantic Wave / Toss the Feathers Solas 5:53
Dougie McDonald Medley Solas ?:??
Eoin Bear’s Reel / Tune for Sharon / The Rossa Reel Solas USCO90849001 4:01
Erin Solas 6:08
Erin (live video) Solas ?:??
Far Americay Solas QMKYL1200002 6:52
Fate Brings Diarmuid and Grania Together Solas 9:59
Finn's Army Wake From Their Drugged Stupor Solas 7:07
Gan Ainm / The Humours of Whiskey / Leslie’s March Solas 4:04
Ghost of Tom Joad Solas USCO91053006 4:57
Girls on the Line Solas QMKYL1200006 4:14
Girls on the Line (EP version) Solas 4:14
Gossip's Solas ?:??
Grady Fernando Comes to Town Solas USCO91053008 3:01
Grania's Arrival Solas 1:36
Grania's Lament Solas 3:33
Granny Quinn's / The Lilac Reel / Sporting Pat (reels) Solas 4:17
High, Wide, and Handsome (The Wagoner / Twenty-Eighth of January) Solas QMKYL1200013 2:40
Highlands of Holland Solas USCO90643107 3:34
Homeless Solas 3:49
Hugo’s Big Reel Solas USCO91053001 3:12
I Am a Maid That Sleeps in Love Solas 5:17
I Wandered by a Brookside Solas 3:48
I Will Remember You Solas 4:43
I Wonder What’s Keeping My True Love Tonight Solas 5:27
Intro Solas QMKYL1200001 1:07
It's Still Raining / Carlisle Street Reels: The Upstairs Reel / Eminor Reel / Floating Candles Solas 7:40
Ivy Song (Apocalyptic mix) Solas 2:40
John Riordan’s Heels / Hoban’s White House / The Lisnagun Jig Solas USCO90849010 4:21
Johnny’s Gone for a Soldier Solas 3:57
Just You Solas 4:01
La bruxa Solas 4:35
Labour Song Solas feat. Dick Gaughan QMKYL1200014 5:46
Lament for Frankie Solas 3:17
Lament for Frankie (live) Solas USCO90643117 5:36
Lament for Frankie (live video) Solas ?:??
Last of the Great Whales Solas 5:43
Lay Me Down Solas feat. Moira Smiley QZ23J1500003 4:30
Lay Your Money Down Solas feat. Rhiannon Giddens QMKYL1200008 4:26
Le poules huppées (The Crested Hens) Solas USCO90643108 5:12
Le poules huppées (The Crested Hens) (live video) Solas ?:??
Leslie's March Solas ?:??
Little Bird of Heaven Solas feat. Mairead Phelan QZ23J1500011 3:21
Lost in Quimper Solas QZ23J1500007 4:11
Lover's Song Solas 3:49
Lowground Solas 4:00
Lowground Solas ?:??
Lowground (Reunion) Solas USCO90643113 4:10
Lucy Locket’s / The Quiet Pint / The Sleepy Sailors Solas QZ23J1500004 5:15
Máire Mhilis Bhreá Solas 4:13
Maybe in a Prayer Solas 4:53
Merry Go Round Solas USCO90849005 4:35

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