Name ISRCs Rating Length
(At The Hop) 0:14
(Planet Of The Apes Shit) 0:28
A Lizard Named Muffy 3:13
After School Special [witchcraft] 3:44
After the Orgy 2:14
All My Friends Are Dropping Off 1:18
Attack of the Grown-Ups 2:50
Bob's Lawn Service 2:42
Boobs a Lot ?:??
Boobs A Lot 0:22
Bottle Up 2:02
Chicago 1:52
Deepest Geek in the Coffeeshop. Com 1:48
Double Oo's Seven 4:12
Frank and Gasoline ; "Frankengasoline" [suckerfuck] 2:21
From Here to Eternity...etc 6:31
Front Butt 2:15
Fuck the Jellies [south of the boarder] 2:21
Fucked Up Monkeys 2:21
Fucked Up Monkeys (Junky Remix) 3:42
Grandpa D Was a Gangster ?:??
Grandpa D. Was a Gangster 1:59
Henry's X-ray Vision 2:05
Hit by a Bus 1:24
I Get a Kick out of You 1:59
Kazmerski 1:10
Liverworks 2:52
Me & Johnny 3:33
My Dad's A Fuck'n Alcoholic 2:48
My Dad's a Fuckin' Alcoholic ?:??
My Dog, Auto 3:01
My Girl Do Not Think I Funny 3:26
My Girl Do Not Think I Funny ?:??
My Girl Do Not Think I Funny 3:26
Sell You Cool 4:47
Ted's A Fat Ass 1:42
The O.K. Corral (Everything's All Fucked Up At) 3:16
Three Hearts in Duchamp's Fountain 1:27
Tomato, Tomahto 1:06
Trucker 3:11
Trucks & Shit 2:40
Uncle Tickles Me a Lot / Sorry Kids, Superman's Just a Punk 5:42
Whole Fucking World on a String 1:53

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