Name ISRCs Rating Length
Given Up 2:58
Givin Up 2:42
Givin Up (part of a “As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Part 6” DJ‐mix) 0:21
Givin Up (Headcleaner vs Royal Appointment remix) 3:43
Givin Up (radio edit) 2:48
Givin Up (Scanty Sandwich remix) 5:52
Givin Up (Supakings remix) 5:44
Givin' Up 2:42
Givin' Up 0:30
Givin' Up 2:40
Givin' Up 2:46
Givin' Up 3:08
Givin' Up 2:48
Givin' Up 0:19
Givin' Up 2:42
Givin' Up 3:38
Givin' Up (part of “” DJ-mix) 2:35
Givin' Up (part of “The Essential Pre-Club Mix” DJ-mix) 2:33
Givin' Up (part of “The Late Night Mix 3” DJ-mix) 2:35
Givin' Up (full length version) 3:40
Givin' Up (radio edit) (part of “The Salinas Sessions” DJ-mix) 3:30
Givin’ Up 2:42
Givin’ Up 2:48
Givin’ Up (radio edit) (part of “Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Session 2” DJ-mix) 2:42
Torture 3:00
Torture 2:55
Torture 3:36

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