Lalo Schifrin

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
The Gladiators: Wooded Area 0:45
The Gladiators: Wrestling in the Arena 1:03
The Golden Statue 0:46
The Golden Trip 2:40
The Good Seeds: Apes Neutral Suspense 0:34
The Good Seeds: Apes Tension 1:33
The Good Seeds: Attack 3:16
The Good Seeds: Bonded Humans 2:27
The Good Seeds: Central City 0:16
The Good Seeds: Discovered 0:40
The Good Seeds: Hunting Bonded Humans 1:02
The Good Seeds: I’ve Seen Him Before 0:21
The Good Seeds: Local Patrol 1:37
The Good Seeds: Next String 2:27
The Good Seeds: Pitchfork Attack 0:30
The Good Seeds: Plowin 0:25
The Good Seeds: Polar 0:36
The Good Seeds: Riding for Urko 3:16
The Good Seeds: Riding with Urko 1:46
The Good Seeds: The Next String 0:54
The Good Seeds: The Riding Enemy 0:22
The Good Seeds: Toll the Bell 0:12
The Good Seeds: Travel Without Stars 3:16
The Good Seeds: Travel Without Stars 3:17
The Good Seeds: Twin Bulls 1:25
The Good Seeds: Virdon 1:08
The Good Seeds: We Ride 0:30
The Good Seeds: Wind Mill 0:25
The Good Seeds: Zanties 0:28
The Guilt (with dialogue) 2:19
The Guru 4:00
The Hand 0:24
The Hand 0:24
The Haunting (Inspired by the M-G-M Motion Picture The Haunting) 2:24
The Heir Apparent: Mission Prelude 0:48
The Heir Apparent: One Dot Step One / Povia / Byzantine Church / The Medallion 4:10
The Heir Apparent: Plot Continues / The Test 4:25
The Heir Apparent: The Plot / Celine 2:13
The Heir Apparent: The Royal Box / Lower Right Hand Corner / Puzzle Sequence 2:18
The Heir Apparent: The Throng 2:56
The Hellstrom Chronicle (Finale) 2:17
The Hellstrom Chronicle (Life Evolves) 3:26
The Hologram 0:56
The Horror Begins 0:37
The Horseshow 2:40
The Hound 3:17
The House at Night 2:13
The Human Fly 3:35
The Human Fly 3:10
The Hunter’s Way / They’ll Be Chewing Up Your Carcass / The Attack 2:07
The Incest 1:27
The Incest (with dialogue) 4:36
The Inside Movie 1:33
The Invaders 2:29
The Island / Hospitality 6:32
The Joint 1:38
The Joint (from Once A Thief) 4:30
The Joint (From the M-G-M Motion Picture Once a Thief) 4:28
The Killer 1:32
The Killer 1:47
The Killer: Killer Rock 2:58
The Killer: Killers Move 1:40
The Killer: Main Title ’70 0:54
The Killer: Scorpio 3:21
The Killer: The Long Trap 5:22
The Killer: The Plot / Quiet Plot / Against the Clock 3:32
The Killer: Window Shades / The Trick 3:08
The Kite Over the Tower 2:25
The Knight Of The Doleful Countenance 2:11
The Last Autograph 4:10
The Lion and the Doctor 0:49
The Long Walk 1:02
The Man 2:42
The Man From T.H.R.U.S.H. 2:09
The Man From T.H.R.U.S.H. 2:56
The Man From T.H.R.U.S.H. 2:55
The Man From Thrush 2:10
The Man From Thrush USUM70809192 2:57
The Man From Thrush - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (TV) 2:57
The Man From Thrush (Music From The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) An M-G-M–NBC Television Series 3:03
The Man on the Bottles 1:56
The Marquis is Back 5:58
The Massacre 5:05
The Mayor 2:25
The Miracle: Beyond the Shadow of Today 1:45
The Miracle: Bride of the Wind 3:47
The Miracle: Candle / Shoot Out / Morning 2:12
The Miracle: End of the Rainbow 3:27
The Miracle: Heavies’ Theme 2:03
The Miracle: Intrigue 2:28
The Miracle: Mission Heavies #3 / Enclosure / You Love Her 2:02
The Miracle: Operation 2:00
The Miracle: The Danube Incident 1:56
The Miracle: The Gentle Earthquake 2:21
The Miracle: Two Petals, a Flower and a Young Girl 1:03
The Mirror 0:34
The Monastry 3:01
The Monk 3:18
The Most Important Thing / Melba / All Packed 2:15
The Motorcycle 0:32

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