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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Matter of Facts Giovanca 3:42
As Long as We're in Love Wouter Hamel feat. Giovanca & Dox' Famil 4:37
Bad Wishes Giovanca 4:14
Beautiful Giovanca 3:48
Can Somebody Tell Me Giovanca 4:32
Come Around Giovanca 6:02
Dancing Dreams Relax feat. Giovanca 3:01
Drop It Giovanca 4:01
Drop It Giovanca 4:00
Drop It Giovanca 4:02
Drop It Giovanca NLH211000505 4:00
Everything Giovanca 3:39
Finally Yours Giovanca 4:12
Flirting With the Sun Giovanca feat. Dazzled Kid 3:03
Forgive My Soul Giovanca 4:19
Free Giovanca 4:16
Free (Sotu the Traveller 'Broken' remix) Giovanca 3:43
Go Now Giovanca 5:19
How Does It Feel Giovanca 4:35
Hungry Giovanca 2:48
Hypnotize You Giovanca 3:47
Hypnotize You (Nobody Beats the Drum remix) Giovanca 5:20
Hypnotize You (The Please remix) Giovanca 3:56
Hypnotize You Nobody (Beats the Drum remix) Giovanca 5:21
I Hear a Symphony Giovanca 3:09
I Will Wait Giovanca 3:32
Joyride Giovanca 4:30
Joyride (The Please remix) Giovanca 3:43
Just to See You Dance Anan Ryoko feat. Giovanca 5:54
Keep Falling DJ OKAWARI feat. GIOVANCA 4:30
Kiss of Life Nujabes with Giovanca & Benny Sings 4:52
Little Flower Giovanca 4:06
Lockdown Giovanca 5:03
Look of the State Giovanca 4:17
Lovechild Giovanca 3:36
Melancholic You Giovanca 2:35
Moving Me Giovanca 4:02
My World Noisia feat. Giovanca NLCK41000152 3 4:53
My World Noisia feat. Giovanca 3:16
My World (Posij remix) Noisia feat. Giovanca GBTDG1100387 5:06
Natuurlijk Typhoon met Rico & Giovanca 3:57
No More Giovanca 3:28
Not Enough Anan Ryoko feat. Giovanca 4:37
Not Enough (Cradle Orchestra remix) Anan Ryoko feat. Giovanca 4:36
Omdat ik ren De Colombiaanse Bloedgroep met Shirma Rouse & Giovanca ?:??
On My Way Giovanca 3:23
On My Way Giovanca 3:27
On My Way Giovanca 3:25
On My Way (Christmas Time) Giovanca 3:29
On My Way (Jay Soul remix) Giovanca 3:35
Pure Bliss Giovanca 4:38
Real Giovanca 4:37
Reginald & Desire Giovanca 1:14
Satellite Love Giovanca 4:28
She Just Wants to Know Giovanca 4:42
Simply Mad Giovanca 4:03
Stay Together Giovanca 3:28
Subway Giovanca 3:22
The Night Is Right Cradle Orchestra feat. Giovanca 4:24
Time Is Ticking Giovanca 2:54
To the Moon Giovanca 3:53
Uphill Giovanca 5:42
We Can't Giovanca 2:35
Where Love Lives Giovanca feat. Leon Ware 3:54
You Again Giovanca 3:27
You Can Do It Giovanca 4:19

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