Dennis Crouch (american bass player)

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member of:The Bluegrass All-Stars (bass)
The Nashville Bluegrass Band
Pickin’ On Project
siblings:Tim Crouch (Arkansas fiddle player)
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2001-03Don't Neglect the Rosedouble bass [bass]Ginny Hawker3:24
2001-03Long Black Limousinedouble bass [bass]Ginny Hawker3:33
2001-03Looking for a Place to Fall Apartdouble bass [bass]Ginny Hawker4:07
2001-03My Warfare Will Soon Be Overdouble bass [bass]Ginny Hawker4:33
2001-03Oh, So Afraiddouble bass [bass]Ginny Hawker2:50
2001-03Silver Tongue and Gold Plated Liesdouble bass [bass]Ginny Hawker3:53
2001-03The Day I Lose My Minddouble bass [bass]Ginny Hawker2:58
2001-03Those Two Blue Eyesdouble bass [bass]Ginny Hawker2:32
2001-03You Don’t Tell Me That You Love Me Anymoredouble bass [bass]Ginny Hawker3:32
'69 Corvettebass guitarJonathan Wilson4:21
(Carter Girls intro) Kneeling Drunkard’s PleabassJune Carter Cash3:28
(Little Junie intro) TemptationbassJune Carter Cash2:26
(Quicksilver Daydreams of) MariabassSteve Earle3:20
A Boy Named SuebassTodd Snider4:10
A Life That’s GoodbassLennon & Maisy3:23
A Safe Place to Landdouble bassSara Bareilles feat. John Legend4:29
A Slow Drag With Josephinedouble bassElvis Costello2:43
A Voice in the Darkdouble bassElvis Costello3:34
AlcatrazbassJune Carter Cash3:35
All These Strangersdouble bassElvis Costello5:53
Alone Again (Naturally)bassDiana Krall duet with Michael Bublé3:50
Apache TearsbassEmmylou Harris w/ The Milk Carton Kids3:33
Armordouble bassSara Bareilles4:27
As Long as the Grass Shall Grow (reprise)bassNancy Blake, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings3:29
Been All Around This Worlddouble bass [string bass]Keith Little3:45
Before the Prairie Met the Plowdouble bass [string bass]Keith Little3:39
Blind Manacoustic bass guitarGregg Allman3:46
Blue Nightdouble bassBryan Sutton2:46
Brand New Angeldouble bass [acoustic bass]Jeff Bridges3:49
Brand New CompanionbassSteve Earle5:12
Brown County Breakdowndouble bassBryan Sutton4:15
Bullets for the New‐Born Kingdouble bassElvis Costello3:35
Calling Youdouble bass [string bass]Ralph Stanley3:25
Carolina Mountain Homedouble bass [string bass]Keith Little2:32
Changing Partnersdouble bassElvis Costello2:40
Checking on My Babyacoustic bass guitarGregg Allman4:06
Church Undergrounddouble bassElvis Costello5:02
Colorado GirlbassSteve Earle3:35
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladiesdouble bass [acoustic bass]The Chieftains with Pistol Annies4:20
Complicated Shadowsdouble bassElvis Costello2:53
Crossing the Cumberlandsdouble bass [bass]The Nashville Bluegrass Band3:29
CusterbassSteve Earle w/ The Milk Carton Kids2:59
Darling Coradouble bass [bass]Corbin Hayslett3:44
Decision at Glady Forkdouble bassBryan Sutton3:48
Delta Momma BluesbassSteve Earle5:14
Demon LoverbassTim O’Brien5:21
Devil Got My Womanacoustic bass guitarGregg Allman4:53
Distant Land to Roamdouble bass [string bass]Keith Little3:19
Don't Take It Too BadbassSteve Earle3:12
Down Among the Budded Rosesdouble bass [string bass]Keith Little3:34
Down Among the Wines and Spiritsdouble bassElvis Costello3:11
Dr. Watson, I Presumedouble bassElvis Costello3:41
DrumsbassNorman & Nancy Blake, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings6:00
El Camino Realbass guitarJonathan Wilson3:05
Engine One-Forty-Threedouble bassJohnny Cash3:39
Every Part of Meacoustic bass guitar [acoustic bass]Steve Earle2:51
Eyes on Youdouble bassSara Bareilles4:04
Fade Into Youbass guitar [bass]Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen3:32
Fallin' & Flyin'double bass [acoustic bass]Colin Farrell & Jeff Bridges2:43
Fallin' & Flyin'double bass [acoustic bass]Jeff Bridges3:02
False Hearted Lover's Bluesdouble bass [string bass]Ralph Stanley4:52
Firedouble bassSara Bareilles3:50
Floating Bridgeacoustic bass guitarGregg Allman4:45
For the FallenbassTim O’Brien3:22
Fortune Tellerdouble bassRobert Plant & Alison Krauss4:32
Gambling Barroom Bluesdouble bass [bass]The Nashville Bluegrass Band3:13
Garfield's Blackberry Blossomdouble bass [bass]The Nashville Bluegrass Band2:42
Girl From the Greenbriar Shoredouble bass [string bass]Ralph Stanley3:59
God Is Godacoustic bass guitar [acoustic bass]Steve Earle3:59
Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)double bassRobert Plant & Alison Krauss3:34
Gone, Gone, Gonebass [electric bass]Colin Farrell2:39
Gone, Gone, Gonedouble bass [slap bass]Colin Farrell2:39
Great High Mountaindouble bass [string bass]Ralph Stanley3:42
Grover Glendouble bassBryan Sutton3:41
Gypsy Girldouble bassSteven Tyler4:29
Heaven or Hellacoustic bass guitar [acoustic bass]Steve Earle with Allison Moorer3:26
Henry Leedouble bass [string bass]Ralph Stanley4:43
Here Lies LovebassDiana Krall5:09
Hidden Shamedouble bassElvis Costello4:15
Highland Rimdouble bassBryan Sutton3:07
Hold On Youdouble bass [acoustic bass]Jeff Bridges2:54
Home on the Highwaydouble bass [string bass]Keith Little3:02
How Deep Is the Reddouble bassElvis Costello3:47
I Am a Wandereracoustic bass guitar [acoustic bass]Steve Earle2:53
I Believe I’ll Go Back Homeacoustic bass guitarGregg Allman3:49
I Can’t Be Satisfiedacoustic bass guitarGregg Allman3:32
I Don't Knowdouble bass [acoustic bass]Jeff Bridges2:16
I Dreamed of My Old Loverdouble bassElvis Costello2:35
I Felt the Chill Before the Winter Camedouble bassElvis Costello3:59
I Lost Youdouble bassElvis Costello2:56
I Make My Own Sunshinedouble bassSteven Tyler3:01
I Used to Love You but It's All Over NowbassDiana Krall2:50
I'm a Little Mixed UpbassDiana Krall4:37
I've Endureddouble bass [bass]Tim O’Brien3:29
I’m Not ListeningbassRobert Randolph & The Family Band5:03
If I Can’t Have Youdouble bassSara Bareilles4:13
In Heaven Making Lovedouble bass [bass fiddle]Jonathan Wilson2:52
Invitation to the Bluesbass guitarEmmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell3:40
It Ain’t Easydouble bassSteven Tyler4:05
Jimmie Standing in the Raindouble bassElvis Costello4:15
Just Another Rideracoustic bass guitarGregg Allman5:39
Just Like a Butterfly That's Caught in the RainbassDiana Krall3:43
Keep on the Sunny SidebassJune Carter Cash2:44
Kelly Joe's Shoesdouble bass [bass]Tim O’Brien3:34
Killing the Bluesdouble bassRobert Plant & Alison Krauss4:17
Lady Be Gooddouble bassBryan Sutton2:56
Let It RainbassDiana Krall5:44
Let Love Take You Back Againdouble bass [bass]Tim O’Brien4:21
Let Your Loss Be Your Lessondouble bassRobert Plant & Alison Krauss4:02
Lift Him Up, That's Alldouble bass [string bass]Ralph Stanley4:41
Lily Lovedouble bass [upright bass]The Chieftains with The Civil Wars3:01
Little by Littleacoustic bass guitarGregg Allman2:46
Little Emperoracoustic bass guitar [acoustic bass]Steve Earle2:58
Little Mathie Grovedouble bass [string bass]Ralph Stanley4:30
Lonely Are the Freeacoustic bass guitar [acoustic bass]Steve Earle3:23
Lonely AvenuebassDiana Krall6:57
Lonesome Road to Traveldouble bass [string bass]Keith Little3:42
Look Again to the Winddouble bassBill Miller4:21
Look On and Crydouble bass [string bass]Ralph Stanley3:37
LorettabassSteve Earle3:14
Luckiest Man Alivedouble bass [bass]The Nashville Bluegrass Band3:48
LungsbassSteve Earle2:19
MariebassSteve Earle4:53
Me and Dirk's Trip to IrelandbassTim O’Brien2:36
Meet Me in the Alleywayacoustic bass guitar [acoustic bass]Steve Earle4:25
Mick Ryan's LamentbassTim O’Brien3:21
Minor Swingdouble bassBryan Sutton3:36
Miss Simonedouble bassSara Bareilles4:13
Molly‐Oacoustic bass guitar [acoustic bass]Steve Earle3:20
Mr. Mudd and Mr. GoldbassSteve Earle2:18
My All Time Dolldouble bassElvis Costello4:09
My Love Is Your Loveacoustic bass guitarGregg Allman4:14
My Lovely Jezebeldouble bassElvis Costello2:31
My Own Worst Enemydouble bassSteven Tyler5:11
My Warfare Will Soon Be OverbassGinny Hawker4:33
National Ransomdouble bassElvis Costello4:05
Nightingaledouble bass [string bass]Keith Little4:00
No One Will Ever Love Youbass guitar [bass]Connie Britton & Charles Esten3:44
No Place to FallbassSteve Earle2:53
No Such Thingdouble bassSara Bareilles3:57
Norwegian WoodbassTim O’Brien4:06
Nothin’double bassRobert Plant & Alison Krauss5:35
Old Rivermandouble bass [bass]The Nashville Bluegrass Band3:54
One Bell Ringingdouble bassElvis Costello3:37
Operator (That’s Not the Way It Feels)bassDiana Krall3:41
Orpheuselectric upright bassSara Bareilles4:13
Pancho and LeftybassSteve Earle4:02
Piratedouble bass [bass fiddle]Jonathan Wilson3:21
Please Accept My Loveacoustic bass guitarGregg Allman3:07
Please Come Back Little Paldouble bass [string bass]Keith Little2:22
Poetry by Dead Mendouble bassSara Bareilles3:48
Polly Come Homedouble bassRobert Plant & Alison Krauss5:39
Prairie LullabybassDiana Krall4:22
Pretty Little GirlbassThe Chieftains with Carolina Chocolate Drops2:49
Pretty Red Lipsdouble bass [bass]The Nashville Bluegrass Band2:10
RakebassSteve Earle3:23
Red Cottondouble bassElvis Costello5:43
Rich Womandouble bassRobert Plant & Alison Krauss4:05
Rocking Chair Moneydouble bass [bass]The Nashville Bluegrass Band2:40
Rolling Stoneacoustic bass guitarGregg Allman7:04
Saint Honestydouble bassSara Bareilles4:35
She Handed Me a Mirrordouble bassElvis Costello4:04
She Was No Gooddouble bassElvis Costello3:47
Sideshowbass guitar [bass]Charles Esten3:06
Sinking in the Lonesome SeabassJune Carter Cash4:41
Sister Rosetta Goes Before Usdouble bassRobert Plant & Alison Krauss3:25
Sitting on Top of the Worlddouble bass [bass]The Nashville Bluegrass Band4:01
So Alivebass guitarJonathan Wilson4:49
Somebody Newdouble bassSteven Tyler4:11
Someone Who Loves Medouble bassSara Bareilles3:18
Stations of the Crossdouble bassElvis Costello4:58
Stick With Me Babydouble bassRobert Plant & Alison Krauss2:51
Stronger Than Mebass guitar [bass]Connie Britton3:54
Sulphur to Sugarcanedouble bassElvis Costello5:59
Swampwaterdouble bassBilly Cardine4:08
Sweet Louisianadouble bassSteven Tyler3:02
Tater Patchdouble bassBryan Sutton3:14
Tears, Tears, Tearsacoustic bass guitarGregg Allman4:55
Tell Me Your Love Is Still Truedouble bass [bass]The Nashville Bluegrass Band2:30
That's All Rightdouble bass [bass]The Nashville Bluegrass Band3:14
That’s Not the Part of Him You’re Leavingdouble bassElvis Costello4:43
The Crooked Linedouble bassElvis Costello3:49
The Death of John Henrydouble bass [string bass]Ralph Stanley3:59
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly & Medouble bassSteven Tyler3:28
The Gulf of Mexicoacoustic bass guitar [acoustic bass]Steve Earle4:15
The Holy WellbassTim O’Brien3:17
The Road to KaintuckbassJune Carter Cash2:54
The Spell That You Castdouble bassElvis Costello2:32
The Talking LeavesbassNancy Blake, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings6:12
The Water Is Widedouble bassBryan Sutton5:21
The Weary Kind (theme from Crazy Heart)bassRyan Bingham4:18
The Winding Streamdouble bassRosanne Cash4:31
There Ain't No Sweet Man That's Worth the Salt of My TearsbassDiana Krall4:30
There's a Better Waydouble bass [bass]The Nashville Bluegrass Band3:13
This Cityacoustic bass guitar [acoustic bass]Steve Earle2:44
This TownbassClare Bowen, Charles Esten3:52
Through the Morning, Through the Nightdouble bassRobert Plant & Alison Krauss4:03
To Live Is to FlybassSteve Earle3:40
Trampled Rosedouble bassRobert Plant & Alison Krauss5:34
Travelin' Railroad Man Bluesdouble bass [bass]The Nashville Bluegrass Band3:11
Turn the Page Againdouble bass [bass]Tim O’Brien3:43
Turning AroundbassTim O’Brien3:35
Two Journeys (Deux Voyages)bassTim O’Brien4:19
Until the Day I Diedouble bassSteve Earle3:23
Waitin’ on the Skyacoustic bass guitar [acoustic bass]Steve Earle3:29
Walk Among the Woodsdouble bassBryan Sutton3:33
We Just Couldn't Say GoodbyebassDiana Krall3:07
Weary Ol’ Highwaydouble bass [string bass]Keith Little3:11
What Am I Doin’ Right?double bassSteven Tyler3:25
When Love Comes to Towndouble bassBryan Sutton3:42
When the Curtain Comes DownbassDiana Krall4:52
When the Right One Comes Alongbass guitar [bass]Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio3:50
Where Dear Friends Will Never Partdouble bass [string bass]Keith Little2:35
Where I Lead MebassSteve Earle3:30
White Freightliner BluesbassSteve Earle3:28
White GirlbassThe Milk Carton Kids3:45
Wicked Lovedouble bassSara Bareilles4:39
Wide River to CrossbassDiana Krall3:51
Wildwood FlowerbassJune Carter Cash4:27
Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone?bassJune Carter Cash3:53
Worried Man Bluesdouble bassGeorge Jones3:12
You Hung the Moondouble bassElvis Costello3:55
You Know — I Know Ev'rything's Made for LovebassDiana Krall3:47
You Will Be My Ain True Lovedouble bassAlison Krauss2:32
Your Long Journeydouble bassRobert Plant & Alison Krauss3:55
Ain't that Americadouble bass [upright bass]Bluegrass Tribute to John Cougar Mellencamp
American VI: Ain't No GraveadditionalJohnny Cash
Electric (Deluxe Edition with Bonus CD)bassRichard Thompson
Gravel & Dust (special edition)bassIlse DeLange
Kitty Furdouble bassKermit Lynch
Pickin' on ZZ Top: A Bluegrass TributebassPickin’ On Project
Hush (Somebody's Callin' My Name)background vocals [utility man]The Nashville Bluegrass Band3:56