Lust (Canadian Black Metal)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Birth of the Unconquerable One 9:14
Birth of the Unconquerable One 8:36
Cantra 1:01
Faustian Spirit 6:01
Genocide Bitch 0:25
Hymn to the Exhiled 2:03
Hyperborea 0:47
Intro 0:52
Iron Warfare 5:27
Nazi Occult Metal 5:09
Oh Horror 1:21
On Beyond Andromeda, Part II 1:58
Portal to Cygnus - I Via Eydonia 5:52
Prometheous Unbound 1:21
Spear of Destiny 6:19
Storming Under Steel 5:46
Weeping Prostitute II (Whore of Golgotha) 2:00

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