In 1984, Hosono, Sakamoto and Takahashi decided stop working together as Yellow Magic Orchestra, deciding to return to their solo careers, though they each would occasionally join one of the other two in concert as a guest performer. Though they stopped playing together, however, they were careful to not officially 'break up' the group, instead using a Japanese term meaning "spreading out".

In 1993, the trio briefly reunited for Technodon. However, to avoid lawsuits and to avoid ending the "Yellow Magic Orchestra is spreading out" status of the group, that album was credited it to Y̶M̶O̶, rather than to Yellow Magic Orchestra.

In the early 2000's, Hosono and Takahashi reunited in a project called Sketch Show. Sakamoto occasionally also joins them for performances; when Sakamoto performs with Sketch Show, the trio took on a new, different name - Human Audio Sponge. Human Audio Sponge was always a one-off type of group, however, whereas Sketch Show was a formal group.

In mid-2007, Human Audio Sponge performed as Yellow Magic Orchestra for the first time since the original breakup, as part of the 2007-07-07 Live Earth concerts.

In August of 2007, Hosono, Sakamoto and Takahashi decided to make the reformed Yellow Magic Orchestra official again, but using a new name, combining both of the previous names the trio had used - "Human Audio Sponge and Yellow Magic Orchestra", aka: HASYMO.

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1992ReconstructionsYellow Magic Orchestra1
1993Technodon Remixes IYellow Magic Orchestra1
1993Technodon Remixes IIYellow Magic Orchestra1


1978Yellow Magic OrchestraYellow Magic Orchestra4.524
1979Solid State SurvivorYellow Magic Orchestra4.1512
1980×∞MultipliesYellow Magic Orchestra420
1983Naughty BoysY.M.O.47

Album + Compilation

1981Best One '82 YMO大全集YMO1
1986Y.M.O. Best SelectionYellow Magic Orchestra1
1987Y.M.O. HISTORY TWIN BEST 2 BY 1Yellow Magic Orchestra1
1992Kyoretsu Na Rhythm - CharactersYellow Magic Orchestra2
1992Techno BibleYellow Magic Orchestra1
1995Over Seas CollectionYellow Magic Orchestra1
1996Twins Super Best of YMOYellow Magic Orchestra1
1999YMO Go Home!Yellow Magic Orchestra3
2003UC YMO: Ultimate Collection of Yellow Magic OrchestraYellow Magic Orchestra5
2004Naughty Boys & InstrumentalY.M.O.5
2005L-R TRAX Live & Rare TracksYellow Magic Orchestra41
2011YMOYellow Magic Orchestra43
2015No Nukes 2012Yellow Magic Orchestra1
2018NEUE TANZYellow Magic Orchestra2

Album + Compilation + Remix

2009YMO Remixes Technopolis 99-00 Complete EditionYellow Magic Orchestra1

Album + Live

1980Public PressureYellow Magic Orchestra12
1984After ServiceYMO11
1991Faker Holic: YMO World Tour LiveYMO2
1992Complete ServiceYMO1
1993TECHNODON LIVEYellow Magic Orchestra1
1993Live at Budokan 1980Yellow Magic Orchestra2
1993Live at Kinokuni-Ya Hall 1978Yellow Magic Orchestra1
1995YMO-Winter-Live-1981Yellow Magic Orchestra1
1996World Tour 1980Yellow Magic Orchestra1
2000One More YMOYMO2
2008GijónYMO - Yellow Magic Orchestra Live In Gijón 19/6 08Yellow Magic Orchestra1
2008LONDONYMO – Yellow Magic Orchestra Live in London 15/6 08Yellow Magic Orchestra1

Album + Remix

1983Naughty Boys InstrumentalY.M.O.45
1992Hi-Tech No CrimeY.M.O.4
1999YMO Remixes: Technopolis 2000-01Yellow Magic Orchestra1
2000YMO Remixes Technopolis 2000-00Yellow Magic Orchestra1
2005YMO REMIXES 99-00 THE BESTYellow Magic Orchestra1

Album + Audio drama

One More YMOYellow Magic Orchestra1


1979Computer Game “Theme From The Invader” / Firecracker / TechnopolisYellow Magic Orchestra2
1979Computer Game “Theme From The Circus”Yellow Magic Orchestra2
1980Nice AgeYellow Magic Orchestra1
1983君に、胸キュン。Yellow Magic Orchestra1
1990YMO MEGA MIXYellow Magic Orchestra1
1993The Tong Poo RemixesYMO vs The Orb1
2003RydeenYellow Magic Orchestra1
2007RESCUE / RYDEEN 79/07HASYMO / Yellow Magic Orchestra2


1993YMO Versus The Human LeagueYellow Magic Orchestra & The Human League1
2013VGO vs YMOVideogame Orchestra vs Yellow Magic Orchestra2

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