Nurse With Wound (UK band)

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1985Gyllensköld, Geijerstam & Friends Live at Bar MaldororNurse With Wound1


1979Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an UmbrellaNurse With Wound4
1980Merzbild SchwetNurse With Wound4
1980To the Quiet Men From a Tiny GirlNurse With Wound3
1981Homotopy to MarieNurse With Wound4
1981Insect and Individual SilencedNurse With Wound2
1983Ostranenie 1913Nurse With Wound1
1985The Sylvie and Babs Hi-Fi CompanionNurse With Wound4
1986A Missing Sense / RasaNurse With Wound / Organum1
1986Spiral InsanaNurse With Wound4
1987Scrag!Nurse With Wound3
1987The Murray Fontana Orchestra Plays the Hafler TrioNurse With Wound & The Hafler Trio2
1988Soliloquy for LilithNurse With Wound7
1990Caught From BehindM.T.T. Mauro Teho Teardo feat. Nurse With Wound & Ramleh1
1990Horse / Lex Talionis / Lumbs SisterCurrent 93 / Sol Invictus / Nurse With Wound1
1991Creakiness / FiremoonNurse With Wound / Spasm1
1992Thunder Perfect MindNurse With Wound4
1993The Ladies Home TicklerNurse With Wound2
1994Rock’n Roll StationNurse With Wound3
1996Who Can I Turn to StereoNurse With Wound1
1997Acts of Senseless BeautyAranos and Nurse With Wound2
1998Second Pirate Session: Rock’n Roll Station Special EditionNurse With Wound3
1999An Awkward PauseNurse With Wound4
2001Bright Yellow MoonCurrent 93 and Nurse With Wound3
2001Santoor Lena BicycleAranos and Nurse With Wound3
2002Man With the Woman FaceNurse With Wound1
2002Music for the Horse HospitalCurrent 93 / Nurse With Wound1
2003Chance Meeting of Nurse With Wound and Unveiled on CharlottenborgNurse With Wound / Unveiled1
2003Salt Marie CelesteNurse With Wound2
2003Chance Meeting of a Defective Tape Machine and MigraineNurse With Wound1
2003The Musty Odour of Pierced RectumsNurse With Wound2
2004Lofoten DeadheadNurse With Wound1
2004Shipwreck Radio, Volume One: Seven Sonic Structures From UtværNurse With Wound42
2004Angry Eelectric Finger Raw Material – Zero MixNurse With Wound3
2004Hanu @ BasecloudEarthmonkey / Nurse With Wound2
2004She and Me Fall Together in Free DeathNurse With Wound3
2005The Little Dipper Minus Two (Echo Poeme Sequence 1)Nurse With Wound1
2005Echo Poeme: Sequence No. 2Nurse With Wound1
2005Shipwreck Radio, Volume Two: Eight Enigmatic Episodes From UtværNurse With Wound2
2006Soundpooling / A Handjob From The Laughing PolicemanNurse With Wound1
2006A Handjob From the Laughing PolicemanNurse With Wound1
2006Rat Tapes OneNurse With Wound1
2006Shipwreck Radio: Final BroadcastsNurse With Wound1
2006Stereo WastelandsNurse With Wound1
2007DisconnectedFaust & Nurse With Wound2
2007Man With the Woman Face - Bonus MaterialNurse With Wound1
2008Huffin’ Rag BluesNurse With Wound2
2008The Funktion of the Hairy Egg (Code Scramble)Nurse With Wound1
2008The Continuous AccidentNurse With Wound1
2009The Surveillance Lounge / The Memory SurfaceNurse With Wound1
2009The Memory Surface - Disc BNurse With Wound1
2009The Memory Surface - Disc ANurse With Wound1
2009Space MusicNurse With Wound1
2009Paranoia in Hi-Fi: Earworms 1978–2008Nurse With Wound3
2009May the Fleas of a Thousand Camels Infest Your ArmpitsNurse With Wound1
2009Ød LotNurse With Wound1
2009The Surveillance LoungeNurse With Wound3
2010Erroneous: A Selection of ErrorsLarsen & Nurse With Wound featuring Fritz Müller2
2011Space Music 2Nurse With Wound1
2011Salt: Music From the Horse HospitalNurse With Wound2
2011RuptureNurse With WoundGraham Bowers1
2012Lumb’s SisterNurse With Wound3
2012Gulls Just Wanna Have FunNurse With Wound41
2013Silver BromideNurse With Wound1
2013XerographyNurse With Wound1
2013ParadeNurse With WoundGraham Bowers2
2013[SIC]Nurse With Wound / Aranos1
2013ChromanatronNurse With Wound2
2014ExcitotoxicityNurse With Wound & Graham Bowers2
2014Requital for Lady DayNurse With Wound1
2014The Great Ecstasy of the Basic CorruptNurse With Wound2
2015Mutation… The Lunatics Are Running the Asylum…Nurse With Wound, Graham Bowers1
2015Time ElapsedGraham Bowers & Nurse With Wound1
2016Dark FatNurse With Wound2
2016Dark DrippingsNurse With Wound1
2018ExperimenteNurse With Wound1
2018Experimente II (Son of Trippin’ Music)Nurse With Wound1
2019The Vursiflenze MismantlerNurse With Wound - The James Worse Public Address Method1
2019Trippin’ MusikNurse With Wound2
2020A Darker Shade of Fatirr. app. (ext.) + Nurse With Wound1
2020The Dream of Reason Brings Forth MonstersNurse With Wound1
2021Opium CabaretNurse With Wound4

Album + Compilation

1986Automating, Volume OneNurse With Wound2
1987Drunk With the Old Man of the MountainsNurse With Wound43
1989A Sucked OrangeNurse With Wound2
1989Automating, Volume TwoNurse With Wound3
1989Gyllenskold/BrainedNurse With Wound1
1989Present the Sisters of PataphysicsNurse With Wound1
1990PsilotripitakaNurse With Wound1
1992Sugar Fish Drink: A Layman’s Guide to Cod Surrealism*Nurse With Wound1
1993Large Ladies With Cake in the OvenNurse With Wound1
1997A Missing SenseNurse With Wound1
1999The Swinging Reflective: Favourite Moments of Mutual EcstacyNurse With Wound2
2001Funeral Music for Perez PradoNurse With Wound1
2003England’s Hidden ReverseNurse With Wound / Current 93 / Coil1
2005Livin’ Fear of James LastNurse With Wound2
2009Flawed ExistenceNurse With Wound1
2009More AutomatingNurse With Wound1
2010Automating, Volume ThreeNurse With Wound1
2011Who Can I Turn to Stereo EtcNurse With Wound1

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