Ben Folds Five

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Where's Summer B? 4:05
Where's Summer B? 4:10
Where's Summer B? (live, 1996: WNEW) 4:14
Where's Summer B.? 4:10
Where's Summer B.? 4:05
Where's Summer B.? (edit) 4:09
Who Are Your Biggest Influences? 1:18
Who are your biggest infuences? 1:18
Who is Reinhold Messner? 1:11
Who is Reinhold Messner? 1:11
Will you be touring to support this record? 0:18
Will You Be Touring to Support This Record? 0:18
Your Cheatin' Heart (live, 1996) 1:35
Your Most Valuable Possession 1:57
Your Redneck Past 3:43
Your Redneck Past 3:41
Your Redneck Past ?:??
Your Redneck Past (live, 1999: London, UK) 4:16
金返せ 6:16

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