Gaelic Storm

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Sight of Land: Julia Delaney / Mouth of the Tobique / Cooley's Reel USHOM9800013 4:40
Six of One QM7JH1506191 4:10
Slim Jim and the Seven Eleven Girl USME30800793 4:06
Slingshot 3:25
Son of a Poacher QM7JH1506196 3:53
South Australia USHOM9900068 4:11
Space Race 4:07
Space Race USME31000722 4:09
Spanish Lady USHOM9900073 3:53
Spider Bite 4:05
Stain the Grout 3:23
Stone by Stone USME31201020 3:33
Summer’s Gone 4:19
Swimmin’ in the Sea USHOM0100004 4:20
Tear Upon the Rose 4:59
Tell Me Ma USHOM9800011 4 2:43
The Barnyards of Delgaty USHOM9900075 2:36
The Bear and the Butcher Boy USME31201014 5:09
The Beggarman 3:35
The Beggarman: The Beggarman / Johnny McGreevy’s Favorite USHOM0100001 3:45
The Broken Promise USHOM9900076 4:36
The Buzzards of Bourbon Street 3:31
The Buzzards of Bourbon Street USME31000729 3:33
The Devil Down Below 3:26
The Devil Went Down to Doolin USHOM9900074 5:48
The Devil Went Down to Doolin: Mack’s Fancy / The Devil Amongst the Tailors / John Brennan’s Reel / [unknown Shetland tune] 5:49
The Dodgy Pint 5:39
The Farmer’s Frolic: Ramblin’ Pitchfork / Hag by the Churn USHOM9800008 2:35
The Ferryman USHOM9900067 4:00
The Leaving of Liverpool USHOM9800014 4 3:41
The Lone‐Star Stowaway 3:19
The Long Way Home 4:28
The Mechanical Bull USME30800791 4:25
The Midnight Kiss: The Caterpillar / Miss Monaghan’s / The Midnight Kiss USHOM0100013 6:04
The Narwhaling Cheesehead QM7JH1506189 3:27
The Night I Punched Russell Crowe USME30800801 3:17
The Park East Polkas USHOM9900072 3:46
The Park East Polkas: Barney Hare / The Cobbler / Walsh’s Polka / The Green Cottage 3:46
The Plouescat Races: The Ships Are Sailing / Miss McCleod’s / Tom Fitzmorris USHOM0100005 4:29
The Road to Liskeard 3:07
The Road to Liskeard: Dan O’Keefe / Cearc Agus Coillach USHOM9800002 3:07
The Rustling Goat Rang QM7JH1506192 3:55
The Salt Lick 3:43
The Samurai Set USME30800795 3:50
The Schooner Lake Set USHOM0301027 4:05
The Storks of Guadalajara USME31201022 4:08
The Storm USHOM9800009 3 4:31
The Teachers’ Snow Day QM7JH1506194 4:21
Thirsty Work: The Coalminer / Speed the Plough / The Rainy Day USHOM0100010 3:34
Time, Drink ’em Up 3:33
Titanic Set USHOM9900078 3:22
Tornado Alley 3:37
Turn This Ship Around 4:04
Turn This Ship Around USME31000730 4:06
Walk Through My Door USHOM0100014 3:55
Watery Grave USME31303524 4:15
Weary Whaling Grounds USME31303522 3:09
What a Way to Go QM7JH1506195 3:51
What’s the Rumpus? USME30800788 4:00
When I Win 4:42
Where E're You Go USME31201021 3:53
Whichever Way the Wind Blows USME31201015 4:36
Whiskey in the Jar 3:30
Whiskey Johnny USME31303525 2:41
Whiskeyed Up and Womaned Out QM7JH1506188 4:19
William Hollander USME31303526 4:39
Yarmouth Town USME31303515 4:35

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