Name ISRCs Rating Length
After Hours at McGann’s: The Primrose Lass / Hewlett’s Reel / Reel Gan Ainm USHOM9900069 3:41
Alligator Arms USME31201023 3:29
Already Home QM7JH1706204 4:12
An Cailin Deas Rua 4:36
An Irish Party in Third Class USSM19803259 3:49
An Poc Ar Buile: An Poc Ar Buile / The Goat in the Thicket / Licking Nettles USHOM0100009 3:59
Another Stupid Drinking Song QM7JH1506186 3:23
Back to the Pub QM7JH1706205 2:52
Bare in the Basin 3:25
Before the Night is Over USHOM0100002 4:53
Beidh Aonach Amárach USME30800796 4:12
Black is the Colour USHOM0100006 5:32
Blarney Pilgrims 2:11
Blind Monkey 3:10
Blind Monkey USME31000724 3:13
Bonnie Ship the Diamond / Tamlinn USHOM9800007 3 5:25
Born to be a Bachelor 3:47
Born to Be a Bachelor 3:47
Breakfast at Lady A.’s USHOM9900071 4:06
Breakfast at Lady A.’s: Coleman’s Jig / Sean Ryan’s Jig #2 / The Lark in the Morning 4:06
Cab Ride to Kingston 3:35
Cape Cod Girls USME31303521 3:26
Cecilia 3:27
Cecilia USME31000728 3:28
Chucky Timm 3:11
Chucky Timm USME31000734 3:11
Courtin’ in the Kitchen USHOM0301026 4:08
Crazy Eyes McGillicuddy USME31000733 4:00
Crazy Eyes McGullicuddy 3:59
Cunla USME31201016 4:37
Cyclone McClusky 3:54
Cyclone McClusky USME31000723 3:55
Damn Good Dog 2:43
Damn Near Died in Killalde QM7JH1706208 4:35
Dancing in the Rain QM7JH1506193 3:47
Darcy’s Donkey USME30800790 3:10
Dé Luain, Dé Máirt 3:05
Dead Bird Hill USME31201012 4:00
Death Ride to Durango USME30800797 4:35
Don’t Go for "the One" 2:10
Don’t Let the Truth Get in the Way (of a Good Story) USME30800794 3:31
Down to Old Maui USME31303519 4:35
Down Underground 4:10
Drink the Night Away USHOM9900066 3:14
Drowsy Maggie Dance 1:22
Essequibo River USME31303523 3:51
Faithful Land USME30800798 4:21
Fish and Get Fat 4:11
Floating the Flambeau USME30800800 4:08
Girls of Dublin Town USME31303516 2:59
Girls’ Night in Galway QM7JH1506187 3:17
Go Climb a Tree QM7JH1706209 3:09
Go Home, Girl!: Go Home, Girl / The Rose in the Heather USHOM0100012 3:27
Green Eyes, Red Hair 3:55
Green Eyes, Red Hair 3:57
Green Eyes, Red Hair USME31000725 3:58
Green, White, and Orange QM7JH1706200 4:38
Heart of the Ocean USHOM9900070 4:29
Hello Monday 3:19
Hills of Connemara USHOM9800006 4 3:11
Human to a God USME30800792 3:55
I Can't Find My Way Home USME31201018 3:09
I Miss My Home 3:53
I Thought I Knew You USHOM0100011 3:29
If Good Times Were Dollars USME30800799 3:11
If You’ve Got Time QM7JH1506197 2:54
Irish Breakfast Day USME31201009 4:32
Irish Party in Third Class 3:20
Jimmy's Bucket USME31000727 3:45
Jimmy’s Bucket 3:44
John Ryan’s Polka 2:53
Johnny Jump Up / Morrison’s Jig USHOM9800009 4 5:01
Johnny Tarr USHOM0100003 3:31
Just Ran Out of Whiskey 4:18
Just Ran Out of Whiskey USME31000726 4:21
Kelly’s Wellies 3:52
Kesh Jig 1:59
Kiss Me I’m Irish 5:00
Liverpool Judies USME31303517 3:45
Lover’s Wreck USME30800789 3:56
Marching Free USME31201019 3:40
Mary’s Eyes USHOM0100007 4:18
McCloud’s Reel / Whup Jamboree USHOM9800016 3 3:05
Me and the Moon 4:24
Mingulay Boat Song USME31303520 5:00
Monday Morning Girl QM7JH1706201 3:56
My Lucky Day USME31201013 3:45
My Son John USME31303518 3:30
Nancy Whiskey USHOM0301028 3:28
Never Drink ’em Dry (Johnny Tarr’s Funeral) 3:04
New York Girls: New York Girls / Maggie in the Woods USHOM0100008 4:24
Northern Lights 3:48
Northern Lights USME31000732 3:51
One More Day Above the Roses USME31201008 3:52
Out the Road USME31201017 3:56
Paddy’s Rubber Arm QM7JH1506190 3:00
Piña Colada in a Pint Glass 3:39
Punjab Paddy 3:46
Rag and Bone USME31201011 3:01
Rag and Bone Intro USME31201010 1:06

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