Name ISRCs Rating Length
Restraining Order 1:21
Rooting for the Prudes 2:08
Sephardic Secrets 2:32
Sexual Pervert 0:59
Sexual Pervert 1:00
Signal Processor Failure ?:??
Slap on Some Pants 2:01
Slap on Some Pants (Halftime remix) 2:46
Slap on Some Pants (Trail Mix remix) 1:26
Slap on Some Pants (Trouble remix) 1:32
Slap on Some Pants (Waste of Resources remix) 0:54
Smokable Birth Control 1:28
Smokin' That Magic Rock 1:48
Smokin' That Magic Rock (John Wilcox remix) 1:09
Smokin' That Magic Rock (Zionist remix) 0:59
Stubble on the Chin of a Vicious Brute 2:15
Thaw Walt 0:27
The Awful People in the Empty City 3:52
The Couch 2:37
The Couch 2:39
The Mayor Is a Robot 0:52
The Mayor Is a Robot 0:53
The New Way 0:35
The Olive Salesman 2:33
They Found My Body Near by the River 2:06
They Found My Naked Body by the River 2:07
They Found My Naked Body by the River 2:08
This Fascist Kills Guitars 2:46
Ugly Interracial Couple 1:32
Unknown Object 0:49
Verse, Man Owed Money 4:10
Vote Fraud on the Moon Base 0:59
Why We Are Lazy 2:30
Why We Are Lazy ?:??
Working for the Mossad 3:17
Wreckage in the Empty Quarter 4:51
You Pay Attention to Me, Not Vice Versa 1:50

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