Name ISRCs Rating Length
3AM on the Sunken Highway to Riyadh 3:24
400 Story Building 1:49
700 Story Building 1:45
Aboard a Doomed Tunisian Frigate 0:35
All Music Is Shit to God 3:23
All Music Is Shit to God (Dna Sequencer remix) 7:35
All Music Is Shit to God (Ed Powers Tribal remix) 6:37
All Music Is Shit to God (Fuck You remix) 5:23
All Music Is Shit to God (Monoroid remix) 4:26
Ant Propolis ?:??
At the Mercy of the Homonids 0:34
Avoid Pregnancy During Alcohol 2:52
Avoid Pregnancy During Alcohol 2:52
Black Albino 2:27
Bleeding Gash 1:21
Boums to Zanzibar 1:39
Boums to Zanzibar 1:53
Cacti 1:36
Captured Danish Photographer 0:30
Clark in My Car 1:15
Clark in My Car 1:13
Conquer Your Honor ?:??
Domestic Phone Call 0:14
Domestic Phone Call (Artificial Leg remix) 0:17
Domestic Phone Call (Cookout Fluid remix) 0:14
Domestic Phone Call (Exhausted Engineer remix) 0:27
Domestic Phone Call (Inflatable remix) 0:21
Domestic Phone Call (Negro remix) 0:22
Domestic Phone Call (Plastic Fruit Cups remix) 0:31
Domestic Phone Call (Special remix) 0:21
Domestic Phone Call (Wankle-Rotary Engine remix) 0:35
Driving by Smell 1:02
Eating Contest 0:17
Eating Contest (Emergency remix) 0:23
Eating Contest (Parisian remix) 0:15
Egyptian Assassin 3:02
Encompass 0:06
Enjoy Life ?:??
Entire House Fly Through Head 1:37
Experimental Music Is Consumer Fraud ?:??
Explanation of Arm Troubles ?:??
Explanation of Head Troubles 1:09
Explanation of Head Troubles (Children's Problem remix) 1:06
Explanation of Head Troubles (Empirically Verifiable Scienceremix) 1:25
Explanation of Head Troubles (Empowerment Pants remix) 1:06
Explanation of Head Troubles (Malfunction remix) 1:05
Frank & Judy 1:53
Frank Talk 1:44
Frank Talk About Mutants 2:02
Frank Talk About Mutants (Arnold Clausen remix) 0:31
Frank Talk About Mutants (Carl Cullins remix) 1:56
Frank Talk About Mutants (Marshall Glickman remix) 1:11
Frank Talk About Mutants, Also 1:46
Fresh Frankness 0:48
Fresh Frankness 0:47
Get the Fuck Out of My Office 0:41
Get the Fuck Out of My Office 0:43
Get Your Dick Out of My Food 1:48
Go to Work Drunk 1:27
Homo? 0:26
Homo? ('they Ain't Suing Nobody' remix) 2:37
Homo? (Neighborhood Plumbing remix) 0:43
How Long Have You Lived in This House? 2:09
I Am a Big Children 1:30
I'm Two Dimensional 0:16
If This Is a Gift From the Molecules, I'd Like to See What Protons Could Do 0:42
If You Love Food, You'll Hate Occoquan 0:48
In Khartoum 2:12
In the Eunich's Wine Cellar 3:19
Joe Preston 0:32
Joy of the Drunk Tank 2:20
Losing Cohesion ?:??
Man Hole ?:??
Man Urinating, Laughter 0:26
Man Urinating, Laughter ?:??
Manhole 1:43
Men's Recovery Project 1:18
Million Man March 0:57
Mineral Concessions Begrudgingly Granted ?:??
Naked Sailor 1:02
Naked Sailor II 0:48
New Men 1:58
New Talking Sausage 2:17
New Talking Sausage 2:20
New Tubes 0:49
New Year's Party in a Sweltering Apartment 0:15
Normal Man 2:26
Occoquah 0:49
Older Men 0:24
Oops 1:38
Portugese Princess 0:31
Portugese Princess 0:32
Prison Warden 0:37
Problem? 0:32
Problem? (Owner's remix) 0:56
Rabble, Wretches & Lepers 1:26
Remove Dead Birds 2:10
Remove Pants 0:23
Resist the New Way 1:27
Resist the New Way 1:28

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