Jorge Rossy

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member of:FOX (Jazz trio)
Mehldau & Rossy Trio
Brad Mehldau Trio (until 2005)
children:Félix Rossy
siblings:Mario Rossy
Mercedes Rossy
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1988-11-07 – 1988-11-08Cançó de bressoldrums (drum set)Lluis Vidal Trio?:??
1988-11-07 – 1988-11-08Cançó del lladredrums (drum set)Lluis Vidal Trio?:??
1988-11-07 – 1988-11-08Cargol treu banyadrums (drum set)Lluis Vidal Trio?:??
1988-11-07 – 1988-11-08El dubte de Sant Josepdrums (drum set)Lluis Vidal Trio?:??
1988-11-07 – 1988-11-08El gegant del pidrums (drum set)Lluis Vidal Trio?:??
1988-11-07 – 1988-11-08El pomeródrums (drum set)Lluis Vidal Trio?:??
1988-11-07 – 1988-11-08El testament d'Amèliadrums (drum set)Lluis Vidal Trio?:??
1992-12-02Altered Moodsdrums (drum set)Klaus Ignatzek Quintet7:00
1992-12-02Claudio's Delightdrums (drum set)Klaus Ignatzek Quintet9:52
1992-12-02Number Onedrums (drum set)Klaus Ignatzek Quintet12:18
1992-12-02One Milestonedrums (drum set)Klaus Ignatzek Quintet14:08
1992-12-02The Answerdrums (drum set)Klaus Ignatzek Quintet10:03
1992-12-02With Pleasuredrums (drum set)Klaus Ignatzek Quintet10:31
1993-05-10BodiJordi RossymembranophoneBrad Mehldau8:17
1993-05-10Començar de NovoJordi RossymembranophoneBrad Mehldau8:49
1993-05-10Just One of Those ThingsJordi RossymembranophoneBrad Mehldau9:33
1993-05-10No BluesJordi RossymembranophoneBrad Mehldau1:58
1993-05-10Old FolksJordi RossymembranophoneBrad Mehldau10:02
1993-05-10Spring Can Really Hang You Up the MostJordi RossymembranophoneBrad Mehldau11:58
1993-05-10SushiJordi RossymembranophoneBrad Mehldau7:41
1993-05-10WonderfulJordi RossymembranophoneBrad Mehldau13:55
1994-12-12Bluesdrums (drum set)Mark Turner Quintet5:58
1994-12-12Cubismdrums (drum set)Mark Turner Quintet7:17
1994-12-12Isolationdrums (drum set)Mark Turner Quintet7:08
1994-12-12Moment's Noticedrums (drum set)Mark Turner Quintet6:11
1994-12-12Subtle Tragedydrums (drum set)Mark Turner Quintet9:59
1994-12-12Tune Number Onedrums (drum set)Mark Turner Quintet9:00
1994-12-12Yam Yam Idrums (drum set)Mark Turner Quintet10:47
1994-12-12Yam Yam IIdrums (drum set)Mark Turner Quintet7:20
1994-12-12Zurichdrums (drum set)Mark Turner Quintet7:49
1995-03-13 – 1995-04-03Angstdrums (drum set)Brad Mehldau6:12
1995-03-13 – 1995-04-03Countdowndrums (drum set)Brad Mehldau4:12
1995-03-13 – 1995-04-03It Might as Well Be Springdrums (drum set)Brad Mehldau7:46
1995-03-13 – 1995-04-03My Romancedrums (drum set)Brad Mehldau6:25
1995-03-13 – 1995-04-03Young Wertherdrums (drum set)Brad Mehldau7:14
1997Besame Muchodrums (drum set)Avishai Cohen7:26
1997Gadudrums (drum set)Avishai Cohen6:24
1998-06-03 – 1998-06-05Bo Brusselsadditional and membranophoneMark Turner4:45
1998-06-03 – 1998-06-05She Said, She Saidadditional and membranophoneMark Turner6:13
317 East 32ndmembranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy4:48
A Distant BellmembranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy2:02
A Walk in the ParkmembranophoneBrad Mehldau5:59
All of MemembranophoneEthan Iverson3:30
Back in ActionmembranophoneThe Swallow Quintet5:03
BatsmembranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy2:12
BlackbirdmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio5:00
Blame It on My YouthmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio6:17
Blueberry HillmembranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy4:43
Blueberry Ice Cream take 1membranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy3:34
Blueberry Ice Cream take 2membranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy3:24
Body and SoulmembranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy5:50
Carpathian BluesJordi RossymembranophoneJohn Stetch8:26
CountdownmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio12:41
Exit Stage LeftmembranophoneThe Swallow Quintet3:47
Free Willydrums (drum set) and percussionBrad Mehldau5:06
From Whom It May ConcernmembranophoneThe Swallow Quintet5:36
Grisly BusinessmembranophoneThe Swallow Quintet4:43
Have You Met Miss Jones?membranophoneEthan Iverson7:01
I Didn't Know What Time It WasmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio6:31
I Fall in Love Too EasilymembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio7:18
I’ll Remember AprilmembranophoneEthan Iverson6:33
I’m Getting Sentimental Over YoumembranophoneEthan Iverson6:02
Into the WoodworkmembranophoneThe Swallow Quintet5:03
It's Alright With MemembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio12:39
It's YoumembranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy4:54
It's You (Tempo Complex)membranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy1:06
Lament for LinusmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio4:39
Los AngelesmembranophoneBrad Mehldau5:21
Los Angeles (Reprise)membranophoneBrad Mehldau3:31
LucidmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio5:44
MadridmembranophoneBrad Mehldau6:07
Mignon's SongmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio6:36
Monk's DreammembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio11:09
Moon RivermembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio10:52
Mr. BumimembranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy1:19
My New Lovers All Seem So TamemembranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy2:37
My Old FlamemembranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy7:05
Never KnowmembranophoneThe Swallow Quintet5:36
Nobody Else but MemembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio7:36
OleoJordi RossymembranophoneJohn Stetch8:40
Phun ToonJordi RossymembranophoneJohn Stetch10:46
Ron's PlacemembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio6:31
Sad Old CandlemembranophoneThe Swallow Quintet5:19
Schloss ElmaumembranophoneBrad Mehldau6:33
Small ComfortmembranophoneThe Swallow Quintet5:29
Smokes Gets in Your EyesmembranophoneEthan Iverson6:24
Still TheremembranophoneThe Swallow Quintet5:34
Suitable for FramingmembranophoneThe Swallow Quintet4:26
The Butler Did ItmembranophoneThe Swallow Quintet2:53
The Song Is YoumembranophoneEthan Iverson7:15
The Way You Look TonightmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio12:33
This Nearly Was MinemembranophoneEthan Iverson5:43
Try a Little TendernessmembranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy7:03
Unnatural CausesmembranophoneThe Swallow Quintet2:49
VesperJordi RossymembranophoneJohn Stetch7:45
West HartfordmembranophoneBrad Mehldau5:40
What's NewmembranophoneIverson, Konitz, Grenadier, Rossy5:34
You’re Vibing Medrums (drum set)Brad Mehldau3:28
Young and FoolishmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio13:07
A Girl Named JoemembranophoneChris Cheek
Anything GoesmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio
Art of the Trio, Volume 4: Back at the VanguardmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio
Blues CruisemembranophoneChris Cheek
East Coast Love AffairmembranophoneKurt Rosenwinkel Trio
East Coast Love AffairmembranophoneKurt Rosenwinkel Trio
Havana CafemembranophonePaquito D’Rivera
House on HillmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio
House on HillmembranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio
I Wish I KnewmembranophoneChris Cheek Quartet
Let's Sing AgainpianoGuillem Arnedo Band, Celeste Alías
Let's Sing AgainvibraphoneGuillem Arnedo Band, Celeste Alías
PlacesmembranophoneBrad Mehldau
Progression: Art of the Trio, Volume 5membranophoneBrad Mehldau Trio
Son of GaudimembranophoneKlaus Ignatzek Quintet
The Art of the Trio, Volume 1membranophoneBrad Mehldau
The Art of the Trio, Volume 3: SongsmembranophoneBrad Mehldau
The Music of Mercedes RossymembranophoneMark Turner
VinemembranophoneChris Cheek
East Coast Love AffairKurt Rosenwinkel Trio
East Coast Love AffairKurt Rosenwinkel Trio