E‐Man (vocalist Eric Clark (“It’s Yours”))

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legal name:Eric Clark
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/artist/16926 [info]


DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
DeliciousDJ E‐Manturntable [scratching]Pure Sugar4:48
It's YoursJon Cutler feat. E-Man6:50
It's YoursJon Cutler feat. E-Man5:55
It's Yours (part of a “Madhouse 2002, Volume 1” DJ‐mix)Jon Cutler4:53
It's YoursJon Cutler feat. E‐Man3:39
It's YoursJon Cutler feat. E-Man6:02
It's Yours (part of “Mastercuts: Bar Social” DJ-mix)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man4:57
It's Yours (BEHEMOTH aka Tom De Neef remix)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man8:28
It's Yours (BMR's Reprise Yourself)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man4:55
It's Yours (Jon's B-Side Breakdown mix) (part of a “Fuzzy Breaks, Volume 1” DJ‐mix)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man2:29
It's Yours (original Distant Music mix) (part of “Lazy Dog, Volume 2” DJ-mix)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man6:03
It's Yours (original Distant Music mix) (part of a “Clubmix 2002” DJ‐mix)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man3:38
It's Yours (Original Distant Music mix) (part of “Barfly III” DJ-mix)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man6:10
It's Yours (Tiefschwarz remix) (part of “After the Playboy Mansion” DJ-mix)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man5:58
It’s YoursJon Cutler feat. E‐Man3:14
It’s YoursJon Cutler feat. E-Man6:22
It’s Yours (Jon’s B-Side Breakdown mix) (part of a “Hôtel Costes, Volume 4: Quatre” DJ‐mix)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man4:24
It’s Yours (original Distant Music mix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: 21st Century Disco” DJ-mix)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man3:48
It’s Yours (Skully remix)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man4:18
Musical Prayer (part of a “Fabric 10: Doc Martin” DJ‐mix)Markus Enochson feat. E‐Man1:57
Musical Prayer (feat. E-Man)Markus Enochson7:08
Sweetlove (Alex Phountzi remix) (part of “Groove Armada: Doin’ It After Dark.02” DJ-mix)Markus Enochson feat. E‐Man4:36
A New Reality (dub mix) (part of a “The Gallery: Live Sessions” DJ‐mix)Mark Knight & MTV feat. E‐Man4:49
A New Reality (intro) (part of a “Defected in the House: Eivissa ’05” DJ‐mix)Mark Knight & Martijn ten Velden feat. E-Man0:46
It's Yours (David Penn dub) (part of “Hed Kandi: World Series: Ibiza” DJ-mix)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man4:30
It's Yours (radio edit)Jon Cutler feat. E‐Man3:13
It’s YoursJon Cutler feat. E‐Man6:20
It’s YoursJon Cutler feat. E‐Man