The Meters

~ Group


members: Cyril Neville (lead vocals, percussion) (1970 – 1977)
Russell Batiste, Jr. (Meters, Funky Meters) (membranophone) (1989 –)
Brian Stoltz (guitar) (1994 –)
members (as Funky Meters): Russell Batiste, Jr. (Meters, Funky Meters) (1994 –)
George Porter, Jr. (1994 –)
Brian Stoltz (1994 – 2007)
original members: Ziggy Modeliste (membranophone) (1965 – 1977)
Art Neville (lead vocals, keyboard) (1965 – 1977)
George Porter, Jr. (bass guitar, lead vocals) (1965 – 1977)
Leo Nocentelli (guitar) (1965 – 1994)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Fire on the Bayou The Meters
Africa additional The Meters 10:27
Cold Cold Cold Dr. John 2:37
Happy Times, Iv'e Got To Get It additional Allen Toussaint 7:09
I Been Hoodood Dr. John 3:15
Just the Same Dr. John 2:53
Life Dr. John 2:31
Peace Brother Peace Dr. John 2:50
Qualified Dr. John 4:49
Right Place Wrong Time Dr. John 2:56
Same Old Same Old Dr. John 2:43
Shoo Fly Marches On Dr. John 3:17
Such a Night Dr. John 2:58
Tipitina additional Professor Longhair 4:37
Traveling Mood Dr. John 2:52
Desitively Bonnaroo Dr. John
Break in the Road Betty Harris 2:50
Give It Up Lee Dorsey 3:05
Yes We Can Can Lee Dorsey 3:29
Fire on the Bayou The Meters
Rejuvenation The Meters
Trick Bag The Meters