Name ISRCs Rating Length
'Round the Family Table 12:46
Adler Shoes Commercial 0:18
Ajax Commercial 0:12
Barbasol Commercial 0:17
Battle Hymn of the Republic 1:07
Bei mir bist Du schön 3:08
Campbell's Soup Commercial 0:26
Commercials on Yiddish Radio 11:10
Credits 1:09
Dayenu 1:39
Die Goldene Khasene 3:06
Dona Dona 1:33
Eastside Gluckstern's Restaurant Commercial 1:00
Gefilte Fish Commercial 0:20
Happy Birthday 0:29
Hebrew National Commercial 0:17
Hebrew National Meats Commercial 0:34
Introduction 0:34
Introduction to "Yiddish Melodies in Swing" 1:14
Introduction to "Yiddish Melodies in Swing" 0:42
Joe and Paul 2:52
Joe and Paul Commercial 0:20
Levine and His Flying Machine 11:23
Levine Mit Zayn Flying Machine 3:26
Lifschitz Wine Commercial 1:03
Manischewitz Matzo Commercial 0:27
Milady Frozen Fruit Products Commercial 1:14
Oh Mama, I'm So in Love 1:53
Parkway Cafeteria Commercial 0:55
Rabbi Rubin's Court of the Air 12:56
Reunion with Siegbert Freiberg 12:10
Samson and Delilah 2:29
Second Avenue Square Dance 2:45
Seymour Rechtzeit, The Yiddish Crooner 6:20
Sign-off to "Yiddish Melodies in Swing" 0:47
Stanton Street Clothier's Theme Song 1:52
Sterling Salt Commercial 1:13
Surry mitn Fringe afn Top, Oy, S'iz a Sheyne Fremorgn 1:38
The Bridegroom Special 2:18
The Dramas of Nahum Stutchkoff 8:23
The Jewish Philosopher 12:47
The Yiddish Radio Dial 16:33
Turkish Yalle Ve Uve 3:21
Victor Packer, The One-Man Radio Empire 12:21
WBBC Station ID 0:09
WCNW Station ID 0:09
WEVD Station ID 0:05
WEVD Station ID 0:10
Wu Bistdu Gewessen vor Prohibition 3:07
WVFW Station ID 0:08
Yiddish Melodies in Swing 15:03
Yidel mitn Fidel 2:47

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