Space Monkeys

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Acid House Killed Rock and Roll 3:53
Acid House Killed Rock and Roll 3:53
Blowing Down the Stylus 3:51
Blowing Down the Stylus 3:52
Chopper Squad Killed Rock and Roll 5:01
Chopper Squad Rock Cocaine Mix 5:06
Cream Judge and the Clown (Guitared Up to Fuck mix) 4:16
Creamed Up (Twiggy Bonehead mix) 4:52
Dear Dhinus 4:07
Dear Dhinus 4:06
Def by Stylus (D.O.S.E remix) 3:28
Def by Stylus (D.O.S.E. remix) 5:42
Drug Soup 5:04
Dub Pistols Killed Acid House 5:57
Inside My Soul 3:15
Keep On Tripping On 4:24
King Monkey 4:42
Let It Shine 4:54
March of the Scarecrows 6:43
March of the Scarecrows (Jersey St Crew mix) 4:28
Pin Up Boy (Chopper Squad mix) 4:33
Pure Shine Vocal Mix 3:23
Ready for the Rampage 6:14
Sitting on a Cloud 3:05
Smile America 4:42
Sugar Cane 3:24
Sugar Cane 3:27
Sugar Cane 3:20
Sugar Cane 3:26
Sugar Cane 3:22
Sugar Cane 3:12
Sugar Cane 3:22
Sugar Cane - Unpopped 3:26
Sugar Cane (The Man From Atlantis mix) 5:57
Sugar Cane (The Mark 1 [And Only] Reconstruction) 5:29
Sugar Cane (US mix) 3:25
Sugarcane (Chopper Squad Rock Cocaine mix) 5:01
Sweetest Dream 3:15
The Man from Atlantis Mix 5:58
Trippin' On (Johnny Jay mix) 7:51
Trippin’ On (Where’s Johnny mix) 7:49
We Are the Supercool 3:43
Zugang vs the Rhythm - C'est la Guerre Mix 3:40

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