Grover (Sesame Street muppet)

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2018Bert & Ernie Sing-AlongBert & Ernie2


1971The Official Sesame Street 2 Book-and-Record AlbumSesame Street1
1972Havin' Fun With Ernie & BertSesame Street1
1977What Time Is It on Sesame StreetSesame Street1
1978Sesame Street FeverSesame Street2
1982For the First TimeSesame Street2
1983Surprise!Sesame Street2
1989Het beste uit Sesamstraat, deel 3: De 18 allerleukste liedjesVarious Artists1
1990Put Down the Duckie!Sesame Street1
1991A Sesame Street CelebrationSesame Street4
1992Sing Songs of Joe RaposoSesame Street1
1995Elmo's Favorite Sing-AlongsSesame Street2
1996Vakantie pretVarious Artists1
1996De Beste Vriendjes BluesVarious Artists1
1998Elmo Saves Christmas: Holiday FavoritesSesame Street2
2003Sesame Street: Songs from the Street, Vol. 6Sesame Street1
2003Sesame Street: Songs from the Street, Vol. 1Sesame Street1
2003Sesame Street: Songs from the Street, Vol. 2Sesame Street1
2006Zingen over enge dingenSesamstraat1
2010Sesame Street: Old School, Volume 1Sesame Street1
2018Happy Birthday from Sesame StreetVarious Artists2
2018Sesame Street: Songs from the Street, Vol. 3Sesame Street1
2018Sesame Street: The Muppet Alphabet Album, Vol. 2Sesame Street1
2018Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie Side by SideSesame Street1
2018Sesame Street: Dinah! I’ve Got a SongSesame Street1
2018Sesame Street: Exercise!Sesame Street1
2018Sesame Street: Every Body’s RecordSesame Street1
2019L Is for Love!Sesame Street1
2019F Is for Friend!Sesame Street1
2019What’s the Number?Sesame Street1
2020A Swingin’ Sesame Street CelebrationJazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra & Wynton Marsalis1
2023Happy DanceSesame Street1

Album + Compilation

1983Sesame Street: The Best of GroverSesame Street2
1987Het beste uit Sesamstraat: De 24 allerleukste liedjesVarious Artists1
1995Platinum: All‐Time FavoritesSesame Street6
1996Bert and Ernie's Greatest HitsSesame Street2
1998Elmo Says BOO!Sesame Street1
2003Songs From the Street: 35 Years of MusicSesame Street1
2005Monsters en andere enge dingenSesamstraat1
2018G Is for Grover!Sesame Street2
2018All‐Time Favorites 1Sesame Street1
2018Sesame Street: The Best of BertSesame Street1

Album + Soundtrack

1983The Gang's All Here!Sesame Street2

Album + Remix

2017The Exploding Hot Death Lava MixtapeCoins1


1985The Devil’s on the Loose / Ain’t No Road Too LongWaylon Jennings4


2022The Nutcracker Starring Elmo & TangoSesame Street1
2022ABC 123Sesame Street1

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