Tom Coster

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children: Tommy Coster, Jr.
member of: Bullmark (keyboard)
Santana (US latin - blues rock band) (1972 – 1978)
Santana (US latin - blues rock band) (1983 – 1984)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Going Home T. Coster
A-1 Funk
Castillos de Arena, Part 1 (Sand Castle)
Castillos de Arena, Part 2 (Sand Castle)
Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile)
Flor d'Luna (Moonflower)
Flor D'Luna / Hongarse Czardas
2000-11-18 Cranial Jam keyboard Vital Information 8:40
2000-11-18 Drum Improv. keyboard Vital Information 2:57
2000-11-18 Happy House keyboard Vital Information 7:46
2000-11-18 Listen Up! keyboard Vital Information 7:44
2000-11-18 Mr. T.C. keyboard Vital Information 6:18
2000-11-18 Over and Out keyboard Vital Information 7:45
2000-11-18 Soul Principle keyboard Vital Information 8:58
2000-11-18 Swamp Stomp keyboard Vital Information 7:31
Angel of Air electric piano Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane 3:53
Angel Of Sunlight organ and percussion Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane 14:35
Angel of Water electric piano Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane 5:30
Aspirations organ Santana 5:10
Blues to Bappe I keyboard Vital Information 6:41
Bridge Over Troubled Water Hammond organ [Hammond B‐3] 国府弘子 4:40
Bubba keyboard Larry Coryell, Tom Coster & Steve Smith 6:03
Canto de los flores electric piano Santana 3:39
Celebration (Fiafiaga) keyboard Vital Information 7:03
Celebration (Fiafiaga) piano and solo Vital Information 7:03
Chimes piano Vital Information 5:01
Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile) (album version) keyboard Santana 5:04
Finale: Wes And Jimi keyboard Larry Coryell, Tom Coster & Steve Smith 11:14
First Things First keyboard Larry Coryell, Tom Coster & Steve Smith 7:52
Flame–Sky piano Santana 11:33
Flame–Sky organ [Yamaha] Santana 11:33
Flor de canela Hammond organ Santana 2:09
Flor de canela electric piano Santana 2:09
Give and Take Moog Santana 5:44
Give and Take piano Santana 5:44
Going Home organ [Yamaha] Santana 4:12
Guru Sri Chinmoy Aphorism electric piano Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane 1:02
Here and Now electric piano Santana 3:01
Here and Now piano Santana 3:01
Illuminations piano Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane 4:28
In a Law Voice keyboard Vital Information 4:04
Island Holiday keyboard Vital Information 6:17
Jave and a Nail keyboard Vital Information 3:58
Johnny Cat keyboard Vital Information 6:00
La fuente del ritmo electric piano Santana 4:34
Life Is Anew organ Santana 4:23
Light of Life electric piano and solo Santana 3:53
Light of Life organ and solo Santana 3:53
Love, Devotion & Surrender organ [Hammond] Santana 3:39
Maltese Connection keyboard Vital Information 5:38
Mirage Moog Santana 4:42
Mirage organ Santana 4:42
Miss Guided Missile keyboard Larry Coryell, Tom Coster & Steve Smith 8:38
Mother Africa marimba Santana 5:56
Mother Africa piano [acoustic] Santana 5:56
Mother Africa organ [Yamaha] Santana 5:56
New Boots keyboard Vital Information 5:02
Night Visitors keyboard Larry Coryell, Tom Coster & Steve Smith 8:09
Night Visitors Revesited keyboard Larry Coryell, Tom Coster & Steve Smith 2:19
Novato solo and synthesizer Vital Information 6:11
One Flight Up keyboard Vital Information 6:01
One With the Sun organ Santana 4:22
Plankton keyboard Larry Coryell, Tom Coster & Steve Smith 4:35
Please Don't Feel Bad keyboard Vital Information 5:28
Practice What You Preach Hammond organ Santana 4:31
Promise of a Fisherman electric piano Santana 8:18
Promise of a Fisherman Hammond organ Santana 8:18
Rudy’s Dream Rhodes piano [Fender Rhodes] 国府弘子 5:13
Samba de Sausalito percussion [Latin] Santana 3:11
Samba de Sausalito electric piano Santana 3:11
Stephanie keyboard Frank Gambale 6:14
Sunday Afternoon keyboard and solo Vital Information 5:04
The Natives Are Restless synthesizer Frank Gambale 5:58
The Perfect Date keyboard Vital Information 5:37
The Perfect Date piano and solo Vital Information 5:37
These Are Odd Times keyboard Larry Coryell, Tom Coster & Steve Smith 7:55
Traditions in Transition keyboard Vital Information 7:05
W.B.J. keyboard Vital Information 5:17
Welcome piano Santana 6:36
Welcome piano [Acoustic] Santana 6:29
When I Look Into Your Eyes organ [Yamaha and Hammond] Santana 5:53
Whenever You're Ready keyboard Vital Information 7:29
Wrong Is Right keyboard Larry Coryell, Tom Coster & Steve Smith 7:17
Yours Is the Light organ [Hammond] Santana 5:47
instrument arranger
Light of Life strings Santana 3:53
Flor d'Luna (Moonflower)
'Til We Meet Again Tom Coster 3:50
Always With You Tom Coster 4:08
Amazon Life Tom Coster 5:58
Another Place In Time Tom Coster 5:07
Ant Dance Tom Coster 5:13
Bad Short Tom Coster 4:37
Bingo, Bango, Bongo Tom Coster 4:07
Calypso Dream Tom Coster 3:58
Can't We All Just Get Along?!? Tom Coster 6:32
Caravan Tom Coster 1:24
Caught In The Act (feat. Walter Afanasieff) Tom Coster 6:09
Crusin' for a Brusin' Tom Coster 4:09
Dennis the Menace Tom Coster 7:31
Did Jah Miss Me?!? Tom Coster 5:00
Don't Look Back Tom Coster 4:14
Dreams Can Come True Tom Coster 4:24
Europa (Earth's Cry-Heaven's Smile) Tom Coster 6:11
Flight #448 Tom Coster 3:50
From Me to You Tom Coster 4:40
From the Street Tom Coster 6:09
Funk Me Up Tom Coster 3:04
Funky Joe Tom Coster 5:21
Gigu Tom Coster 5:54
Gotcha Tom Coster 4:54
Hope Tom Coster 4:38
I Count the Hours Tom Coster 4:41
I Give You My Love Tom Coster 5:37
In a Smoke Filled Room Tom Coster 6:47
It's Just a Matter of Love Tom Coster 4:44
Ivory Expedition Tom Coster 5:48
Journey's End (feat. Phil Kaffel) Tom Coster 3:49
Jungle U.S.A. Tom Coster 4:44
Keep It To Yourself Tom Coster 4:10
La Luna Bella Tom Coster 4:05
Latin "One" Tom Coster 4:42
Misha Tom Coster 4:25
Monk-E-Shines Tom Coster 6:04
Monkey See Monkey Do (feat. Phil Kaffel) Tom Coster 1:55
Mr. Peraza Tom Coster 4:59
Pharaoh's Jig Tom Coster 6:39
Please Pass The Beano Tom Coster 4:32
Sacrifice At Dawn (feat. Steve Smith, Jeff Richman, and Randy Jackson) Tom Coster 6:35
She Said She Didn't Tom Coster 6:11
Spankin' Tom Coster 5:37
Tell Me Why Tom Coster 4:17
The Last Romance Tom Coster 4:02
The Thang Tom Coster 4:14
Till We Meet Again Tom Coster 5:03
Tommy Tom Coster 4:08
What's the Deal? Tom Coster 6:25
Zulu Queen Tom Coster 5:18
Amigos associate Santana
Mr. Man synthesizer Vital Information 4:51
Angry White Boy Polka
Canto de los flores
Dance Sister Dance (Baila mi hermana)
Dawn / Go Within
El Morocco
Give and Take
Let Me
Let the Music Set You Free
Light of Life
Mother Africa
Reach Up
Take Me With You
Tell Me Are You Tired
The Real Slim Shady
When I Look Into Your Eyes