Name ISRCs Rating Length
Appeasing the Butcher 2:06
Appeasing the Butcher (EP version) 2:11
Ball-Peen Beating 4:22
Bile in the Shape of Satan 1:21
Disembowled Nun-Munching Fellatio Combo I. No Pickles, No Mustard 1:47
Fecal Matters 1:20
FUBAR (Felt Up by a Retard) (promo version) 1:59
Gagging on Dick 1:54
Goat-Headed Whorebeast 1:06
Infested Vaginal Tissue 1:49
Labia Beautification 2:01
Labia Beautification (EP version) 2:10
Necrotic Skin Stitching 2:48
Prenatal Stench of the Pink Ranger 0:53
Pus-Filled Necrofuck of Hurt 1:17
Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery 2:59
Stench of Her Burning Flesh 2:01
Super Sonic Penetrator (AIDS Is a Baby That You Get in Your Butt) 1:24
Urethral Myiasis 1:48

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