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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Mindprobe Sieve Cassetteboy 0:56
More Cajun and Louisiana and Stuff, No Doubt Cassetteboy 0:06
Mum & Dad Cassetteboy 0:22
My Bum & the Bi-Mums Cassetteboy 0:36
My Dad Knows Your Brother Cassetteboy 0:14
My Dad's Brother Knows Russell Crowe Cassetteboy 0:34
My Wife Kracked a Little Gig Off in Krakow Cassetteboy 0:30
Nancy Boy Fairy Eyes Cassetteboy 0:31
New Drun 2 Cassetteboy 0:29
News Cassetteboy vs. DJ Rubbish 1:09
NewsiswherejournalistsR Cassetteboy 1:21
Next Level Cassetteboy 1:03
Nice Hair Sieve Cassetteboy 0:33
Nogged Out With Sharon Davies Cassetteboy 0:18
Nothing in the Bag Cassetteboy 0:13
Old People’s Bums Are Very Flat Cassetteboy 1:26
Old Time Romantic Doves Cassetteboy 1:10
On the Open Fire Cassetteboy 0:10
One of Us Has Written a Novel Cassetteboy 1:25
Ooh, It's Paul McCartney Cashing in Again! Bastard! Cassetteboy 0:15
Oops, No It Doesn't Cassetteboy 0:28
Outro Cassetteboy vs. DJ Rubbish 1:49
Pain and Scars (The Haywain) Cassetteboy 1:47
Panickin Skywalker Cassetteboy 0:09
Parker Knoll Cassetteboy 2:05
Parker Knoll Cassetteboy ?:??
Pasta Rasta's Camo Visor Advisor (revised) Cassetteboy 1:52
Pen Cock Cassetteboy 0:23
Peter Lowe (Stanley Claret) Cassetteboy 0:39
Phil Collins' Cock Cassetteboy 2:26
Pigeon Nosebag Cassetteboy 0:36
Pilly the Bigs Cassetteboy 0:21
Pint of Churchill's Please Treacle Cassetteburglar 1:06
Pissed Up and Shitting Cassetteboy 0:23
Poo Poo Top Off Cassetteboy 0:49
Porkpienapple Cassetteboy 0:25
Preparing 4 Emergent Seas Cassetteboy 0:22
Quillted Americana Kitty Cassetteboy 1:41
Rabbits of the World 2 Cassetteboy 1:01
Reading Pain in the Face of a Duck Cassetteboy 0:39
Revenge of the Pencock Cassetteboy 0:22
Roasting Cassetteboy 0:08
Rock and Roll Bath Cassetteboy 0:48
Rubbish Cassetteboy ?:??
Rwuul Mwroededded Cassetteboy 0:41
Sabbaba Cassetteboy 0:19
Saltgrain Cassetteboy 1:37
Salvador Dahlin Wahlin Cassetteboy 0:07
Sandra Bullock's in Tent Cassetteboy 1:28
Santa Claus Is Drinking (feat. Wesley Willis) Cassetteboy 0:35
Satire Cassetteboy vs. DJ Rubbish 0:08
Scott Says the Slum Cassetteboy 0:19
Scrap Heap Services Cassetteboy 1:04
Sex Club Party Cassetteboy ?:??
Shakin' Through Cassetteboy 0:37
Shit & Bird Muck Cassetteboy 0:29
Shut Up Cassetteboy vs. DJ Rubbish 0:18
Sick as a Dog Cassetteboy 0:38
Sidney Darken Cassetteboy 0:55
Simply Having... Cassetteboy 0:05
Sirdy Bong Cassettebedknobsandbroomsticks 1:45
Skoko! Cassetteboy 0:22
Smiggie Balls, Duff Paddy, Shoepack Cassetteboy 0:15
Snow Dalek Cassetteboy 0:15
Snow Snow Snow Oh Yeah Snow Cassetteboy 0:21
Sorry About That M's T Cassetteboy 0:51
Spark Up Driva Cassetteboy 0:11
Standupsitdowngetupfaffaround Cassetteboy 0:27
Sugary Shearer Cassetteboy 0:46
Superficial Good Vibe? Cassetteboy 2:21
Superman III Cassetteboy 1:02
Swizz Chrizz Cassetteboy 0:32
Taking the Bedlington Terrier for a Walk Cassetteboy 0:24
Taking the Noro on the Chin Cassetteboy 2:22
The Blurb Donor Cassetteblooper 0:17
The Boardgame That Crashed Cassetteboy 1:01
The Boss’s Beef Melon Cassetteboy 0:11
The Crime Busters of the Sea Cassetteboy 1:27
The Dire Rea Cassetteboy 0:32
The Formby Goes Out the Window Cassettebrianmay 0:11
The Gay Minotaurs Cassetteboy 0:34
The Glider Cassetteboy 0:23
The Hissing Butt Cassetteboy 0:29
The Kickabout Cassetteboy 0:34
The Lead Thief Cassetteboy 2:10
The Legend of the Swedish Galleon Cassetteboy 0:23
The Meat Section Cassetteboy 2:58
The One Behind It Cassetteboy 0:19
The Parker Boys… Cassetteboy ?:??
The Pitiful Door Cassetteboy 0:26
The Salmon Meal Cassetteboy 0:53
The Sea Dogs Cassetteboy 1:43
The Skilling Bike Cassetteboy 1:01
They’ll Never Succeed in Taking Over the Government of France Cassetteboy 0:16
Thinking Cassetteboy vs. DJ Rubbish 0:40
This Track Has No Title Cassetteboy 1:19
This Woman Stinks! Cassetteboob 0:49
Thomas Chad Cassetteboy 0:23
Threads Cassetteboy 2:06
Tit Tit Cassetteboy 0:25

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