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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Don't Brother Cassetteboy 1:12
Down at the Quiz Cassetteboy 0:24
Dropping the Bomb Cassetteboy 1:22
Drums 6 Cassetteboy 0:42
Duck Breath Cassetteboy 1:00
Duckdiamond Cassetteboy 1:01
Dude Where’s My Car Cassetteboy 1:11
Dwhoooo! Cassetteboy 0:59
Early 80's Christmas Cassetteboy 0:24
Elint Castwood Cassetteboy 0:07
Emperor's New Clothes Rap Cassetteboy 3:26
Ever Punishing Krow Cassetteboy 0:53
Everyday Cassetteboy 0:11
Expensive Shoes Bought Cheap Worn Once Cassetteboy 0:08
Eyes of a Tranny's Fanny Cassetteboy 1:10
Fancy a Game of Fuck You Palin? Cassetteboy 0:18
Ferrularbis Cassetteboy 0:21
Fist Up Mother Brown Cassetteboy 0:13
Flapjack Your Body Cassetteboy 0:43
Fly Me to New York Cassetteboy ?:??
Fly Me to New York (feat. DJ Rubbish) Cassetteboy 1:50
Foameyes 735 Cassetteboy 0:56
Foliage Nick Included Cassetteboy 2:39
Fred Horse Cassetteboy 2:15
From This Day On Cassetteboy 1:39
Full Plastic Helmet Full Mental Jacket Cassetteboy 1:11
Furtive Movements of the Skulking Muslim Cassetteboy 0:52
Gangsta Wrapping (feat. Tony D. Money) Cassetteboy 3:51
Gasoff Kettleggs Cassetteboy 1:52
German Frosties Cassettebedlamicblokes 0:16
Giving Up (Again) Cassetteboy 1:50
Gluey Stepmum Cassetteboy 0:57
God Bless America Cassetteboy 0:33
God Rest You... Cassetteboy 0:54
Gold Small Cat Cassetteboy 1:46
Gonashvili Cassetteboy 1:32
Gopher It Cassettebellyup 0:31
Got Myself a ______ Tied Up in the Basement Cassetteboy 0:18
Gownday Cassetteboy 1:04
Greco-Roman Intro Cassetteboy 0:14
Grunder Cassetteboy 0:13
Grunder II Cassetteboy 0:15
Hadenuff Cassetteboy 0:06
Happy Cliffmas Cassetteboy 0:28
Hat Whistle the Show Whistle Cassetteboy 0:30
Have You Ever Seen Fish and Chips Like These? Cassetteboy 1:56
He Had Money All Along Cassetteboy 0:49
Herron? Cassetteboy 0:31
Hideous Krow Cassetteboy 0:47
His Baby's Like a Pudding Cassetteboy 0:15
Ho Ho Ho Cassetteboy 0:18
Hoes Down Cassettezzzzzzzz 1:18
Hubcap Ernie Cassetteboy 0:29
I Am the Guv’nor, You Deal With Me Cassetteboy 0:39
I Believe in the Virgin Megastore Cassetteboy 0:22
I Couldn’t Tell You That I Loved You Enough Cassetteboy 0:42
I Got Me Drop Side Truck Cassetteboy 0:15
I Got Things Goin On Cassetteboy 0:28
I Know Michael Jackson Cassetteboy 0:11
I Like Cassetteboy Cassetteboy vs. DJ Rubbish 0:11
I Like Things Cassetteboy 0:40
I Love Cat Cassetteboy 0:29
I Love Dog Cassetteboy 1:47
I've Come About Your Shoes Cassetteboy 0:24
I've Seen the Horses at Longleat Cassettebag 0:11
I’ll Have a Thanks Very Much Cassetteboy 0:38
If That's Yer Attitude Cassetteboy 1:14
In Me Life Cassetteboy 0:28
In Yer Eye Cassetteboy 0:12
Inferno 1816 (Go on the Blue Dog) Cassetteboy 1:00
Intro Cassetteboy vs. DJ Rubbish 2:01
Involuntary Dolphins Cassetteboy 0:26
Is It Hardcore? Cassetteboy 0:08
ISBN# 978 0556105 30 Cassetteboy 0:44
It's 7. Cassetteboy 2:19
It's White Again Btw. Cassetteboy 0:36
It’s Called ‘Earth Inc’ Cassetteboy 0:20
Jangly Watt.Sits on the Prom Cassetteboy 0:11
Jesus Christ Cassettebexhill-On-Sea 0:21
Job and Bosie Cassetteboy 0:26
Joliver Cassetteboy 1:37
Kajsa Cassetteboy 1:45
Killer Streets Cassetteboy vs. DJ Rubbish 5:02
Knocked Up a Lil Grey Pigs Face Thing Cassetteboy 0:23
Kolme Kitaraa Cassetteboy 0:14
Krylon Cassetteboy 0:25
La La La La La Cassetteboy 0:16
Lambonaise Tonight Cassetteboy 1:10
Large Father Cassetteboy 1:33
Live at Glastonbury 2005 Cassetteboy 0:12
Loving Dog (feat. Al Stylus) Cassetteboy 0:49
Maggot Incident Cassetteboy 0:49
Magic Watery Stickers Cassetteboy 0:09
Maurice Black Cassetteboy 0:33
Meh Cassetteboy 1:56
Melbourne Parker (intro) Cassetteboy ?:??
Melbourne Parker Intro Cassetteboy 0:40
Merry Christmas (feat. Wesley Willis) Cassetteboy 1:55
Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry Cassetteboy 0:41
MF DOOM Cassetteboy 0:38

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