Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(That's Enough Meaningless Track Names-Ed.) Cassetteboy 0:26
2 Millennium Big Knee Cassetteboy 1:57
2+5=8 Cassetteboy 1:14
2Hrs Later Loop Cassetteboy 1:19
4 Tomatoes, £20 Cassetteboy 0:23
4+4=8 Cassetteboy 1:01
6 It Cassetteboy 1:02
10$ Sting Cassetteboy 0:44
100 Degree Neck Cracking Pins Cassetteboy 0:14
A Black Swan Bit My Red Shoe Cassetteboy 0:13
A Bulging Sack Cassetteboy 0:06
A Chance to Turn It Off Cassetteboy 0:14
A Couple of Old School Mates Cassetteboy 0:56
A Duck Is One Mean Machine Cassetteboy 3:06
A Good Walk Spoiled, Spoiled, Part 1 Cassettebarber 1:07
A Good Walk Spoiled, Spoiled, Part 2 Cassettebritney's Twisters 1:20
A Good Walk Spoiled, Spoiled, Part 3 Cassetteboringnow 1:10
A Sailor's Bells Cassetteboy 0:07
A Snake Is Not an Animal Cassetteboy 0:17
Acropolis Now Cassetteboy 0:12
Ah Tone, The Brownies! Cassetteboy 0:42 Cassetteboy 0:30
All the Forks, Forky Fork Cassetteboy 1:23
Am I Allowed To --- Cassetteboy 0:14
American Guns Cassetteboy vs. DJ Rubbish 0:59
An Old Hook Cassetteboy 0:08
And a Complete Change of Blood Cassetteboy 0:24
Andy Townsend’s Crappy Computer Cassetteboy 0:12
Andy's Airbed Cassetteboy 0:19
Anne Frankingmachine Cassetteboy 0:34
Another Track Cassetteboy 0:25
Anybody Wanna Do Our Next Album for Us? Cassetteboy 0:52
Anyway, Right, So I Said to Her Cassetteboy 0:58
Apple Cak (Shitbox) Cassetteboy 1:34
Are You Wizard Cassetteboy 0:25
Atta Michi Hoi Cassetteboy 0:31
Awaketh: The Queen Cassetteboy 0:08
Back in Black Cassetteboy 1:00
Banned Aid Cassetteboy 0:22
Barn Master Farley Cassetteboy 0:29
Baronia Marine Cassetteboy 0:10
Barry Cassetteboy vs. DJ Rubbish 0:16
Bich Ho Tran Cassetteboy 0:17
Big Ugly Fat-Necked Wombat-Headed Big Bellied Magpie-Legged Narrow-Hipped Splay-Footed Sons of Irish Baliffs Cassetteboy 0:30
Big Up All Our Mates Cassetteboy 0:32
Bigboy Tony Lionheart Cassetteboy 0:08
Bill Hate Figure Cassetteboy 0:48
Billy Bonds Loop Cassetteboy 0:32
Bingmas Cassetteboy 0:15
Black Crunchy Nut Man Cassetteboy 0:48
Blair vs. Bush Cassetteboy ?:??
Bleak Sieve Cassetteboy 1:04
Blood and Pus Cassetteboy 0:17
Blow a Dog’s Hair Out Cassetteboy 1:31
Bokey and the Smandits Cassetteboy 2:14
Brackish Water Cassetteboy 2:36
Brewster's Millions Cassetteboy 2:03
Brian Cardboard and His Swaying Stance Cassetteboy 0:16
Bring Back Cloaks Cassetteboy 0:56
Britain Cassetteboy vs. DJ Rubbish 0:30
Brokeback Building Site Cassetteboy 1:08
Bullhang in the Bristol Channel Cassetteboy 0:13
Bunches Cassetteboy vs. DJ Rubbish 0:51
C U in Court Cassettebothered 0:32
Cajun and Louisiana and Stuff, No Doubt Cassetteboy 0:25
Cameron's Conference Rap Cassetteboy 1:53
Can I Have the Data? Cassetteboy 0:48
Card Cassetteboy 0:06
Cassetteboy Cassetteboy 1:21
Cassetteboy vs. Microsoft Cassetteboy ?:??
Chelmsfail Cassetteboy 0:19
Chicken Cake Cassetteboy 0:12
Chocolate Sushi Cassetteboy 0:11
Chris Moyles Is Not a Paedophile Cassetteboy 0:36
Chris’s Printer Cassetteboy 0:42
Christmas Time Gentlemen, Please! Cassetteboy 0:15
Christmas Tree Cassetteboy 0:15
Clever Girl Cassetteboy 1:07
Cobblers Cassettebaby 0:21
Cockalainie Cassetteboy 1:07
Cockboy Cassettebutter 0:41
Cool Fighter Cassetteboy 0:21
Cos We're Livin on Adam Clayton Cassetteboy 0:28
Crapboasts Cassetteboy 2:20
Crocodile Tears Cassetteboy 1:45
CV Mosq and More Except for CV Mosq Cassetteboy 0:35
Cybear Cassetteboy 0:34
Dancing With Manatees Cassetteboy 0:10
Dangerous Megathumbs Cassetteboy 0:16
Darkside Farmers Cassetteboy 1:08
Def, Dumb, Gay Barbie Cassetteboy 0:57
Di and Dodi Do Die Cassetteboy ?:??
Dingy Veils, Rumpled Gown Cassetteboy 0:49
Dirt Slug the Finest (feat. JT) Cassetteboy 1:25
Dixy Shit Cassetteboy 0:32
Do You Remember That Film With Sigourney Weaver Cassetteboy 0:51
Dogs Again Is It? Cassettebaneoftheirownlives 1:23
Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs Oh Yeah Dogs Cassetteboy 0:59
Dolmio & Teabags Crindian Cassetteboy 1:59
Don Rathbone Cassettebobforapples 0:55

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