Ben Liebrand

~ Person

Legal name: Bernardus C. Liebrand

Also performs as: The Crystal Palace (Ben Liebrand)



2014Grand 12-Inches 2 - Upgrades And Additions (2 extra tracks)Ben Liebrand1


2011Intergalactic Disco Funk 3Ben Liebrand1


1990StylesBen Liebrand2
2015Iconic GrooveBen Liebrand53

Album + Compilation

1998Collectors Editions CD 1Ben Liebrand1
1998Collectors Editions CD 2Ben Liebrand1
1998Collectors Editions CD 3Ben Liebrand1
2001Spirit of Disco 1Ben Liebrand2
2002Grandmix: The Disco EditionBen Liebrand1
2003Grand 12‐InchesBen Liebrand2
2003Grandmix: The Disco Edition 2Ben Liebrand1
2006Grand 12‐Inches 3Ben Liebrand1
2007Grand 12‐Inches 4Ben Liebrand1
2007PopmixBen Liebrand1
2008Grand 12‐Inches 5Ben Liebrand1
2009Grand 12‐Inches 6Ben Liebrand1
2010Grand 12‐Inches 7Ben Liebrand1
2011Grand 12‐Inches 8Ben Liebrand1
2012Grand 12‐Inches 9Ben Liebrand1
2013Grand 12‐Inches 10Ben Liebrand1
2013Grand 12 Inches 1 Upgrade ProgramBen Liebrand1
2014Grand 12‐Inches 2: Upgrades and AdditionsBen Liebrand1
2014Grand 12-Inches 11Ben Liebrand1
2014Grand 12-Inches 3: Updates & UpgradesBen Liebrand1
2014Grand 12-Inches 11 - Updates & UpgradesBen Liebrand1
2014Grand 12‐Inches 12Ben Liebrand1
2014Grand 12‐inches 5: Upgrades and AdditionsBen Liebrand1
2014Grand 12-Inches 6: Upgrades and AdditionsBen Liebrand1
2014Grand 12-Inches 4 - Upgrades And AdditionsBen Liebrand1
2014Grand 12-Inches 7 - Upgrades And AdditionsBen Liebrand1
2015Grand 12-Inches 12 - Updates & UpgradesBen Liebrand1
2015Grand 12‐Inches 13Ben Liebrand1
2016Grand 12‐Inches 14Ben Liebrand1
2016Grand House Classics 1Ben Liebrand1
2017Grand 12‐Inches 15Ben Liebrand1
2018Grand House Classics 2Ben Liebrand1
2018Grand 12-Inches 16Ben Liebrand1
2020Grand 12‐Inches 17Ben Liebrand1
2021Grand 12‐Inches 18Ben Liebrand1
2022Grand 12-Inches 19Ben Liebrand1

Album + Compilation + Remix

2005Grand 12‐Inches 2Ben Liebrand1

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

1999Grandmix: The Millennium EditionBen Liebrand1
2000Grandmix: The Summer EditionBen Liebrand1
2001Grandmix 2000Ben Liebrand41
2002Grandmix 2001Ben Liebrand1
2003Grandmix 2002Ben Liebrand1
2004Grandmix: The 90’s EditionBen Liebrand1
2004Mid Summer Megamix 2004Ben Liebrand1
2005Grandmix: The 90’s Edition 2Ben Liebrand1
2005Megadance Summermix 2005Ben Liebrand1
2006Grandmix 2005Ben Liebrand1
2006Disco Classics Mixed by Ben LiebrandBen Liebrand1
2007Grandmix 2006Ben Liebrand1
200750 Disco HitsBen Liebrand1
2009Grandmix 2008Ben Liebrand1
2010Intergalactic Disco FunkBen Liebrand1
2010Future VintageBen Liebrand / Sascha Liebrand1
2010Grandmix 2009Ben Liebrand1
2011Grandmix 2010Ben Liebrand1
2012Grandmix 2012Ben Liebrand1
2015Grandmix 2014Ben Liebrand1
2019Grandmix 2018Ben Liebrand1

Album + DJ-mix

1983High Fashion Dance-Music, Volume 2: Non Stop Dance RemixBen Liebrand1
1989Grandmix 88Ben Liebrand2
2004Grandmix 2003Ben Liebrand1
2010Intergalactic Disco Funk 2Ben Liebrand1
2014Grandmix 2013Ben Liebrand1
2018Grandmix Special EditionBen Liebrand1


1989The Eve of the WarBen Liebrand1
1990Move to the BigbandBen Liebrand1

EP + Remix

1989Dance Classics: The MixBen Liebrand1

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