member of: Soul Coughing (keyboard, sampler)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Blame Soul Coughing 5:01
Maybe I’ll Come Down Soul Coughing 4:32
Misinformed Soul Coughing 3:25
So Far I Have Not Found the Science Soul Coughing 2:53
The Incumbent Soul Coughing 6:46
Angler Fish Ikue Mori 3:52
Clapper Ikue Mori 2:50
Dau Miu Ikue Mori 4:12
Eight Million Ways to Die Ikue Mori 4:22
Hive Ikue Mori 5:13
Kiss of Fire Ikue Mori 3:47
Loops Ikue Mori 3:29
Recipe Ikue Mori 4:12
Shiver Ikue Mori 3:11
Slush Ikue Mori 2:40
Woke Up Aghast Ikue Mori 3:17
1997-02-17 Disseminated keyboard [keyboards] Soul Coughing 3:40
1997-02-17 Disseminated sampler Soul Coughing 3:40
1999 Beep Beep sampler John Scofield 4:17
1999 Chichon sampler John Scofield 7:22
1999 Drop and Roll sampler John Scofield 4:59
1999 Fez sampler John Scofield 3:48
1999 Kelpers sampler John Scofield 4:33
1999 Kilgeffen sampler John Scofield 2:06
Dancing Together guest and organ David Byrne & Fatboy Slim 3:53
Every Drop of Rain guest, marimba and mellotron David Byrne & Fatboy Slim 5:34
The Brooklynites sampler [keyboard sampler] Soul Coughing 3:37
The Rose of Tacloban guest and toy piano David Byrne & Fatboy Slim 2:33
Unmarked Helicopters sampler Soul Coughing 3:24
Bump keyboard John Scofield
Bump keyboard John Scofield
Eve effects Angélique Kidjo
Eve keyboard Angélique Kidjo
Things We Lost in the Fire Marc D'Gli Antoni keyboard [keyboards] Low
Things We Lost in the Fire Marc D'Gli Antoni piano Low
Things We Lost in the Fire Marc D'Gli Antoni sampler Low
The Incumbent