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members: Dijon Carruthers (membranophone, percussion) (1983)
Kerry King (background vocals, guitar family) (1983)
Lee Rash (membranophone) (1984)
Gar Samuelson (membranophone) (1984 – 1987-06-20)
Chris Poland (background vocals, guitar family) (1984-12 – 1987-06-20)
Jeff Young (US ex-Megadeth guitarist) (guitar family, background vocals) (1987 – 1988-08)
Jay Reynolds (hard rock guitarist) (guitar) (1987-06 – 1987)
Chuck Behler (membranophone) (1987-06 – 1988-08)
Nick Menza (membranophone) (1989-07 – 1998-07)
Marty Friedman (background vocals, guitar) (1990-02 – 1999-12)
Jimmy DeGrasso (membranophone) (1998-07 – 2002-04)
Al Pitrelli (background vocals, guitar family) (2000-01 – 2002-04)
Jimmie Lee Sloas (bass guitar) (2004)
Chris Poland (background vocals, guitar family) (2004)
James MacDonough (bass guitar, background vocals) (2004-08 – 2006-03)
Glen Drover (background vocals, guitar family) (2004-08 – 2008-01)
Shawn Drover (membranophone, percussion) (2004-10 – 2014-11)
James Lomenzo (background vocals, bass guitar) (2006-03 – 2010-02)
Chris Broderick (guitar family, background vocals) (2008-01 – 2014-11)
Kiko Loureiro (guitar) (2015-04-02 –)
Dirk Verbeuren (Belgian drummer) (drums (drum set)) (2016 –)
original members: Dave Mustaine (lead vocals, guitar family) (1983 –)
David Ellefson (background vocals, electric bass guitar) (1983 – 2002-04)
David Ellefson (background vocals, electric bass guitar) (2010 –)
supporting membranophone by: Vinnie Colaiuta (drummer) (2004)
Chris Adler (2015 –)
tribute artists: R.I.P. (Megadeth & Metallica Tribute Band)
tours: Countdown to Extinction 20th Anniversary Tour
Dystopia World Tour
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Bad Omen
Devil’s Island
Good Mourning / Black Friday
I Ain't Superstitious (Megadeth version)
My Last Words
Peace Sells
The Conjuring
Wake Up Dead
99 Ways to Die Megadeth 4:11
Chosen Ones (original stereo mix) co Megadeth 2:55
Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good! (original stereo mix) co Megadeth 3:03
Last Rites / Loved to Deth (original stereo mix) co Megadeth 4:38
Looking Down the Cross (original stereo mix) co Megadeth 5:02
Mechanix (original stereo mix) co Megadeth 4:21
Rattlehead (original stereo mix) co Megadeth 3:41
Skull Beneath the Skin (original stereo mix) co Megadeth 3:47
These Boots (original stereo mix) co Megadeth 3:43
Fistful of Megadeth R.I.P.
Handful of Covers R.I.P.
Handful of Megadeth R.I.P.
Hangar de almas: Tributo a Megadeth Various Artists
Megaded: A Tribute to Megadeth Various Artists
Rust in East – Far Eastern Tribute to Megadeth Various Artists