Henry Burr

~ Person


Vocal: tenor

Additional care should be taken with release dates for Burr's Columbia releases. For releases which do not have known dates, do not imply release dates from catalog numbers (ie, if Col 1000 and Col 1002 were released in August 1901, if Col 1001 is a Burr release, then Col 1001 has a much higher than normal chance of not being also an August 1901 release). Many of Burr's Columbia releases were rerecordings of earlier Columbia releases originally recorded by a different artist; the original artist's release with (for example) Col 1001 would have been the August 1901 release, the Burr rerelease recorded and released at some point at least several months later, often reusing the same catalog number.

Burr recorded many of the same songs multiple times for different labels. The same title appearing on, for example, Edison and Victor, indicates 2 different releases, not the same release with 2 different label and catalog numbers.

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Legal name: Harry Haley McClaskey

Also performs as: Alfred Alexander, Alfred Knapp, Harry Barr, Harry Haley, Harry McClaskey, Henry Gillette, Irving Gillette, Lou Forbes, Robert Bruce, Shamus McClaskey




Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1907 Virginia Song / Red Wing J. W. Myers / Henry Burr & James Hall 2
1910 Where the River Shannon Flows / Red Clover Henry Burr / Frank C. Stanley & Henry Burr 1
1911 Let Me Call You Sweetheart / A Boy and a Country Girl Columbia Quartet / Henry Burr & M Mayhew 1
1914 Ben Bolt Henry Burr 1
1916 Somewhere a Voice Is Calling / Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes Henry Burr 1
1917 Chimes of Normandy / Are You From Heaven? Sterling Trio / Henry Burr 1
1917 Avalon, I’ll Travel On to You / I Know a Lovely Garden Sterling Trio / Henry Burr 1
1917 For Me and My Gal / Somewhere in Dixie Albert C. Campbell & Henry Burr 1
1917 Golden Hours / Heaven Is My Home Sterling Trio / Henry Burr 1
1917 I Want to Kiss Daddy Goodnight / Hit the Trail That Leads to Mother Henry Burr 1
1917 In Old New Hampshire (With My Lady Jane) / When We Wind Up the Watch on the Rhine Henry Burr 1
1917 Jesus, Lover of My Soul / Nearer My God to Thee Henry Burr 1
1917 Just as Your Mother Was / When Grandma Sings the Songs She Loved Albert C. Campbell & Henry Burr 1
1917 O Canada, That True North / Our Hearts Go Out to You Canada Henry Burr 1
1917 Over There / Joan of Arc Henry Burr 1
1917 Shenandoah / Lookout Mountain Albert C. Campbell & Henry Burr 1
1917 The Daughter of Rosie O’Grady / Sussex by the Sea Henry Burr 1
1917 The Sunshine of Your Smile / Stein Song Burr & Campbell / Royal Dadmun 1
1918 After You've Gone / I'm Glad I Can Make You Cry Marion Harris / Henry Burr 1
1918 Lead Kindly Light / Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee) Henry Burr / Marie Morrisey & Peerless Quartet 1
1918 Mandy and Me / A Little Birch Bark Canoe and You Burr & Campbell / Sterling Trio 1
1918 Oh How I Wish I Could Sleep Until My Daddy Gets Home / The Pickaninnies’ Paradise Henry Burr / Sterling Trio 1
1918 Smiles / When You Come Back Ruth Lenox & Henry Burr 2
1918 The Little Good for Nothing’s Good for Something After All / Freedom for All Forever Burr & Campbell / Joseph Phillips 1
1918 Three wonderful letters from home / Each stitch is a thought of you dear Henry Burr 1
1918 Your lips are No Man’s Land but mine / Wondrous eyes of Araby Burr & Campbell / Vernon Dalhart 1
1919 Little Boy Blue / Killarney Henry Burr 1
1922 My Buddy / Down Old Virginia Way Henry Burr 1
For Killarney and You Henry Burr 1
The Maid of the Mill / The Rose of No Man’s Land Reed Miller / Henry Burr 1

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