Richard Jeni

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Anus Presley 1:51
Back in L.A.... No Smoking! 1:01
Beauty and the Yeast, a Private Itch, Exploding Scrotum Syndrome, an Inconvenient Moment 4:58
Cooking With Bill, 'The Belching Gourmet' 6:24
Death of a Shoe Salesman 4:12
Fred Robster 2:57
Good Vibrations 1:34
Harder Than It Seems 1 1:14
I Love Condoms 1:59
Jacques and the Sperm Whale Enema 1:26
Kiss Your Butt Buenos Noches 0:45
Marriage-Ointment or Suppositories 1:38
Masturbation 'I'm The Best I Ever Had' 2:16
N.F.L. Referees-The Untold Story 4:25
Porno-Stuff That Never Happens to You 1:27
Richard Jeni 10:08
Rod of Disaster 1:07
Sex Secrets of the Old South 2:13
Sexual Harassment 0:37
Something You Never Hear 0:16
Terminal Velocity Gerbils 0:48
W.P.U.K.-All 'Love Song' Radio 2:12
Women Smoke Cigars?! 0:43
Women: They Came From a Drying Planet 3:51

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