Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Air from Suite in D Flautissimo 3:38
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba Flautissimo 4:09
Blue Train Flautissimo 8:08
Brandbenburg Concerto No. 3 Flautissimo 7:52
By Kells Waters Flautissimo 2:56
Canzona Flautissimo 4:42
Celtic Celebration Flautissimo 6:25
Chats - Chat Perche Flautissimo 2:20
Chats - Lynx Flautissimo 2:54
Chats - Persan Bleu Flautissimo 2:10
Chats - Puma Flautissimo 1:48
Chats - Siamois Flautissimo 1:44
Concerto in E Minor: I Flautissimo 2:37
Concerto in E Minor: II Flautissimo 3:15
Concerto in E Minor: III Flautissimo 0:29
Concerto in E Minor: IV Flautissimo 2:35
Dance of the Comedians Flautissimo 6:29
Danse Macarbe Flautissimo 7:10
Dawn Carol Flautissimo 4:03
Echoes in the Wind Flautissimo 5:15
Flute Counting Flautissimo 5:13
Largo from Concerto Grosso Flautissimo 5:03
Pavane Flautissimo 7:35
Pie Jesu Flautissimo and Meridian Winds 5:25
Preludio Y Tango Flautissimo 5:08
Romanian Folk Dances: I. Joc cu bâtă Flautissimo 1:34
Romanian Folk Dances: II. Brâul Flautissimo 0:45
Romanian Folk Dances: III. Pe Loc Flautissimo 1:21
Romanian Folk Dances: IV. Buciumeana Flautissimo 2:05
Romanian Folk Dances: V. Poarga Românească Flautissimo 0:50
Romanian Folk Dances: VI. Mărunţel Flautissimo 1:26
Serendipity Flautissimo 1:32
Stars & Stripes Flautissimo 3:55
Tambourin Flautissimo 2:14
Tanti Anni Prima (feat. Robin Soldan) Flautissimo 5:49
The Balcony: Hummingbird Flautissimo 2:12
The Balcony: I. Hummingbird Flautissimo 2:25
The Balcony: II. Leaf Critter (Katydid) Flautissimo 2:38
The Balcony: III. Praying Mantis Flautissimo 2:35
The Balcony: IV. Miss Lady Bug Flautissimo 3:11
The Balcony: Leaf Critter Flautissimo 2:17
The Balcony: Lizard Flautissimo 1:03
The Balcony: Miss Lady Bug Flautissimo 3:08
The Balcony: Mr & Mrs Morning Dove Flautissimo 2:26
The Balcony: Praying Mantis Flautissimo 2:16
The Balcony: Tree Frog Flautissimo 1:19
Three Korean Folk Songs - Arirang Flautissimo 3:08
Three Korean Folk Songs - Blue Bird Flautissimo 2:55
Three Korean Folk Songs - Gold Grass Flautissimo 2:01
Voices of Nagasaki Flautissimo 6:59

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