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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Letter From a Friend Mutabaruka 1:54
Letter to Congress (Is It Because Wi Blakk) Mutabaruka 3:14
Life and Debt Mutabaruka 4:00
Life and Lessons ( Marcus Garvey Speaks ) Mutabaruka 4:11
Love Theme in Dub Mutabaruka ?:??
Lucky ( A Tribute to Lucky Dube ) Mutabaruka 3:53
Lucky ( Dub ) Mutabaruka 3:56
Mad Reality Mutabaruka 4:07
Marley Youssou N’Dour feat. Mutabaruka FRZ390900007 3:32
Melanin Man Mutabaruka 3:46
Miss Lou Mutabaruka 3:51
Miss Lou Meets the Peanut Vendor Mutabaruka 3:51
Mother Divine Mutabaruka 4:21
Mr. and Mrs. Tecki Tecki Mutabaruka 4:30
Muta Seh Mutabaruka 0:08
Muta Seh Mutabaruka 0:16
Muta Seh Mutabaruka 0:15
My Great Shun Mutabaruka 3:21
My Revolution Mutabaruka 2:22
Naw Give Up Mutabaruka 3:09
Never Get Weary Dub Mutabaruka 5:53
Nursery Rhyme Lament Mutabaruka 1:24
Old Cut Bruk Mutabaruka 3:12
One People Mutabaruka 3:23
Out of Many One Mutabaruka 3:21
Outcry Mutabaruka 4:01
Pass the Kutchie Mutabaruka & The Mighty Diamonds 4:21
Pele Mutabaruka 4:21
People's Court Part II Mutabaruka 6:24
People's Court, Part 1 Mutabaruka 6:33
People's Court, Part 2 Mutabaruka 6:24
Prisoner Mutabaruka 0:23
Psalms 24 Mutabaruka 4:20
Psalms 25 Ras Michael & Mutabaruka 4:19
Red & Dread (Migs disco-tech dub) Miguel Migs feat. Mutabaruka 6:25
Rememberance Mutabaruka 4:00
Revenge Mutabaruka 4:05
Revolt Ain't a Revolution (For the People of Haiti and Berkino Faso) Mutabaruka 3:18
Revolutionary Words Mutabaruka 2:59
Revolutionary Words Mutabaruka 2:51
Right Time Mutabaruka & The Mighty Diamonds 4:13
Saga of "Too Kool" Mutabaruka 4:20
Same Thing Every Day Mutabaruka 4:40
Say Mutabaruka 1:16
Say Mutabaruka 1:16
Set De Prisoners Free Mutabaruka 3:06
Set De Prisoners Free Mutabaruka 3:07
Set De Prisoners Free Mutabaruka 3:06
Sistas Poem Mutabaruka 2:35
Sit Dung Pon de Wall Mutabaruka 1:25
Sit Dung Pon De Wall Mutabaruka 1:36
Sitting in My Hotel Room Mutabaruka 3:45
Skins Mutabaruka 2:38
Spirit of Drums Lonesome Echo feat. Mutabaruka 5:35
Spirit of Drums Lonesome Echo Production feat. Mutabaruka 4:23
Spirit of Drums (intro) Lonesome Echo Production feat. Mutabaruka 1:04
Spirit of Drums (SUMO Afrobounce remix) (part of a “Buddha‐Bar VII” DJ‐mix) Lonesome Echo feat. Mutabaruka 5:55
Spirit of Drums (Sumo Rebounce) Lonesome Echo Production feat. Mutabaruka 5:05
Spirituality Mutabaruka 3:05
The Beginning, the End, the Beginning Mutabaruka 3:54
The Confusion Today (Wha a Gwan) Mutabaruka 4:17
The Eyes Of Liberty Mutabaruka 2:13
The Leaders Speak Mutabaruka 4:01
The Monkey Mutabaruka 3:38
The Monkey (Mento mix) Mutabaruka 3:34
The Mystery Unfolds Mutabaruka 3:08
The People's Court Mutabaruka 6:33
The Peoples' Dub Mutabaruka 5:36
The Poem Massive Sounds feat. Mutaburaka 8:25
The Root Is There Mutabaruka & The Mighty Diamonds 4:46
The Same Old Story ( Keeps On Repeating ) Mutabaruka 3:50
The System Mutabaruka & The Mighty Diamonds 2:45
Thievin Legacy Mutabaruka 2:56
Time We Realize Mutabaruka 3:52
Up You Mighty Race Mutabaruka 3:11
Walkin On Gravel Mutabaruka 4:42
Walking on Gravel Mutabaruka 4:40
War a Gwaan Dung Deh Mutabaruka 3:29
Watch Him Watch Me Mutabaruka & The Mighty Diamonds 2:53
Watch It Mutabaruka 3:50
What Goes Around Comes Around Mutabaruka 7:53
Where Do I Belong Mutabaruka 1:33
Whey Mi Belong? Mutabaruka 3:59
White Man(s) Country Mutabaruka & The Mighty Diamonds 7:33
Why Can't You and I Be Friends Mutabaruka & The Mighty Diamonds 4:20
Wind of Time Mutabaruka 4:07
Wise Up Mutabaruka 4:00
Witeman Country Mutabaruka 3:45
Witeman Country (live) Mutabaruka 5:14
Woman of Life Mutabaruka 3:38
Would U Mutabaruka 2:12
Would You Mutabaruka 2:43
Would You ( Dub ) Mutabaruka 4:20
You and Yourself Mutabaruka 0:15

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