Pete Namlook

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collaborator on: 2350 Broadway
62 Eulengasse
A New Consciousness
Alien Community
Amp (Pete Namlook & Dandy Jack)
Create (Pete Namlook & Charles Uzzell-Edwards)
Crypt Corp.
Cycloid (Pete Namlook & Corrado Izzo)
Elektro (German hard trance duo)
Escape (German trance duo Dr. Atmo & Pete Namlook)
The Fires of Ork
From Within
Hearts of Space
Hemisphere (Pete Namlook & Steve Stoll)
Jet Chamber
Limelight (German ambient acid duo Pete Namlook & DJ Brainwave)
Lunatic (ambient/chillout, DJ Criss & Pete Namlook)
Miles Apart
Millennium (Atom Heart & Pete Namlook)
Minimalistic Source
Move D / Namlook
Olympic (Pete Namlook & Stella Leu)
Outland (Peter Kuhlmann & Bill Laswell)
Oversize Pussy
Possible Gardens
The Putney
Sequential (German ambient duo DJ Criss & Pete Namlook)
Sextant (German ambient duo DJ Hubee & Pete Namlook)
Shades of Orion
Silence (Pete Namlook and Dr. Atmo)
Silent Music
Stanley Conaway
Subsequence (ambient duo Atom Heart & Pete Namlook)
Sultan (Pete Namlook & Burhan Öçal)
Virtual Vices
legal name: Peter Kuhlmann (Most common known his work as "Namlook")
member of: The Lisa Carbon Trio
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Psychic & UFO Revelations in Last Days Psychonavigation 38:43
The Definitive Ambient Collection, Volume 2 Pete Namlook
From Within 2 From Within
From Within 2 From Within
From Within II From Within
Hemisphere Hemisphere
S.H.A.D.O Pete Namlook & The Higher Intelligence Agency
1st Impression
20,000 Leagues
A Saucerful of Ambience, Part I
A Saucerful of Ambience, Part II
A Saucerful of Ambience, Part III
A Saucerful of Ambience, Part IV
A Saucerful of Ambience, Part IX
A Saucerful of Ambience, Part V
A Saucerful of Ambience, Part VI
A Saucerful of Ambience, Part VII
A Saucerful of Ambience, Part VIII
A Saucerful of Ambience, Part X
A Saucerful of Ambience, Part XI
A Saucerful of Ambience, Part XII
A Trip to Paradise
A Way to Focus the Mind
After Hour Harmony
Blue Shift
cbrg n srfc
Chaque ligne de ta peau fut aimée
cll t m frnd
Did You Ever Retire a Human...
Duane Sky
Everything Is Under Control
Gel gör beni ask n'eyledi
In Heaven
Je suis triste et seul ici
Lights Out
Liquid Shade
Lost in Passion
Mediterranean Moods
Mind Over Energy
Mind Tranceference Control
Mystical Appearance
Nite Float
Nouvelles machines
ntr t nw wrld
Power Supply
Pursuit of Identification
Saturn Cruises
Shades of Orion
Sky Lounge
Spiritual Invocation
srfc mttn
Survival of the Fittest
Telepathy I
Telepathy II
The Fate of Energy
The Hell of the Same
Travelling Without Moving, Trip 1
Travelling Without Moving, Trip 2
Travelling Without Moving, Trip 3
Travelling Without Moving, Trip 4
Travelling Without Moving, Trip 5
Travelling Without Moving, Trip 6
Travelling Without Moving, Trip 7
Travelling Without Moving, Trip 8
Travelling Without Moving, Trip 9
Travelling Without Moving, Trip 10
Travelling Without Moving, Trip 11
Under Heaven
Vocal PSI
Voice Print Identification
Welcome to Voice Print Identification
When the Night Was Black
Yenilik, Part I
Yenilik, Part II
Yenilik, Part III
Yenilik, Part IV
Yenilik, Part V
Yenilik, Part VI
Yenilik, Part VII
Yenilik, Part VIII
graphic design
Orange [Monochrome Stills] Atom Heart
Magic Sofa guitar Lisa Carbon 7:45
Black Dust Gate Zero
Schwerelos Gate Zero
Angel Tech Bill Laswell 7:00
Black Dawn Bill Laswell 7:20
Magic Sofa Lisa Carbon 7:45
1st Impression Air 4:36
Arc Air 11:41
Biotrip Shades of Orion 24:09
Blackbird Suite (12" version) Ozoona 10:05
Blue Shift Psychonavigation 13:13
Breeze Air 0:38
Chaque ligne de ta peau fut aimée Air 9:30
Did You Ever Retire a Human... Shades of Orion 12:47
Infinum Psychonavigation 1:50
Je suis triste et seul ici Air 7:34
Lights Out Psychonavigation 7:05
Liquid Shade Shades of Orion 20:43
Lost in Passion Air 12:05
Mind Over Energy Psychonavigation 12:57
Mind Tranceference Control Psychonavigation 16:24
Mystical Appearance Air 2:55
Shades of Orion Shades of Orion 12:39
Spiritual Invocation Air 3:13
Subharmonic Invocation of the Dark Spirits Pete Namlook 12:50
Telepathy I Psychonavigation 15:31
Telepathy II Psychonavigation 4:53
The Fate of Energy Psychonavigation 9:29
The Hell of the Same Psychonavigation 14:14
The Hunt Ozoona 11:22
Trancepulsation Pulsation 6:56
Trautoniolo Psychonavigation 4:02
Under Heaven Psychonavigation 15:57
Vocal PSI Psychonavigation 2:57
Wind Air 7:53
A Trip to Paradise / Saturn Cruises Sequential
Freisein (Namlook Slomo mix) Sabrina Setlur feat. Xavier Naidoo 5:03
Die Welt ist Klang: A Tribute to Pete Namlook Various Artists
2350 Broadway 2350 Broadway
Escape 2000