Pete Namlook

~ Person


This artist name is based on his real name Kuhlmann in which - "Namlook" is the phonetic reverse of.

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Performance name of: Peter Kuhlmann (known as Pete Namlook)

Also performs as: Air (Pete 'Namlook' Kuhlmann's ambient project), Electronic Music Center, Romantic Warrior, Sam Pels, Syn (Pete Namlook)



1996The Four SeasonsPete Namlook41


1993Namlook IINamlook1
1994Seasons Greetings: WinterNamlook1
1994Namlook IIINamlook1
1994Namlook IVNamlook1
1994Seasons Greetings: SpringNamlook1
1994Namlook VNamlook1
1994Namlook VINamlook1
1994Music for BalletPete Namlook1
1994The Dark Side of the MoogPete Namlook & Klaus Schulze53
1994Seasons Greetings: AutumnNamlook1
1994Namlook VIINamlook1
1994Namlook VIII + IXNamlook1
1995Namlook XNamlook1
1995The Dark Side of the Moog IIPete Namlook & Klaus Schulze33
1995The Dark Side of the Moog IIIPete Namlook & Klaus Schulze44
1995Seasons Greetings: SummerNamlook1
1996The Dark Side of the Moog IVPete Namlook & Klaus Schulze & Bill Laswell54
1996SultanBurhan Öçal & Pete Namlook4
1996Namlook XINamlook1
1996The Dark Side of the Moog VPete Namlook & Klaus Schulze & Bill Laswell33
1997Pete Namlook / Hubertus HeldPete Namlook & Hubertus Held1
1997S.H.A.D.OPete Namlook & The Higher Intelligence Agency52
1997The Dark Side of the Moog VIPete Namlook & Klaus Schulze & Bill Laswell52
1997Namlook XIINamlook1
1998Namlook XIII: License to ChillNamlook1
1998PlanetariumLakoff / Igr Ver & Pete Namlook1
19984Voice IIPete Namlook2
1998The Dark Side of the Moog VIIPete Namlook & Klaus Schulze & Bill Laswell42
1999Namlook XIV: SolarizedNamlook2
1999S.H.A.D.O 2Pete Namlook & The Higher Intelligence Agency52
1999The Dark Side of the Moog VIIIPete Namlook & Klaus Schulze52
1999Namlook XV: Free Your MindNamlook1
1999Planetarium 2New Composers & Pete Namlook1
20004Voice IIIPete Namlook1
2000Outland 3Bill Laswell and Pete Namlook1
2001Namlook XVI: New Organic LifeNamlook1
2001Namlook XVII: New Organic Life IINamlook1
2001Sultan OsmanBurhan Öçal & Pete Namlook2
2002The Dark Side of the Moog IXPete Namlook & Klaus Schulze32
2002Namlook XVIII: New Organic Life IIINamlook1
2004Namlook XIX: Music for Urban MeditationNamlook1
2004pp • nmlkPete Namlook & Jochem Paap1
2005The Dark Side of the Moog XPete Namlook & Klaus Schulze32
2005Russian SpringPete Namlook & New Composers1
2006Re:sonatePete Namlook & Gaudi1
2006The Four Seasons CollectionPete Namlook1
2007Namlook XX: Music for Urban Meditation IINamlook1
2008Namlook XXI: Subconscious WorldsNamlook1
2008The Dark Side of the Moog XIPete Namlook & Klaus Schulze31
2009Namlook • Le MarNamlookLe Mar1
2009Namlook XXII: Music for Urban Meditation IIINamlook1
2009Move D · Namlook XIX - Dawning of a New DecadePete Namlook & David Moufang1
2009Namlook XXIII: PearlNamlook1
2010Namlook XXIII: Pearl IINamlook1
2010Namlook XXIV: Pearl IIINamlook1
2010Namlook XXV: PermutationsNamlook2
2011Labyrinth 2NamlookMontanà1
2011Namlook XXVI: Pearl IVNamlook1
2011Labyrinth 3NamlookMontanà1
2011Labyrinth 4NamlookMontanà2
2011Music for BabiesPete Namlook1
2011ElektronikPete Namlook & Material Object1
2012Namlook XXVII: Music For Urban Meditation IVNamlook1
2012Elektronik IIPete Namlook & Material Object1
2012Labyrinth 5NamlookMontanà1
2019Outland 1Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook1
2023Jet Chamber I-VAtom™ & Pete Namlook1

Album + Compilation

1993The Definitive Ambient CollectionPete Namlook1
1994The Definitive Ambient Collection, Volume 2Pete Namlook3
2001A View to a ChillPete Namlook1
2002The Evolution of The Dark Side of the MoogPete Namlook & Klaus Schulze & Bill Laswell52
2016The Dark Side of the Moog, Vol. 1–4Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook51
2016The Dark Side of the Moog, Vol. 5–8Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook51
2016The Dark Side of the Moog, Vol. 9–11Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook51
The Namlook Collection IIPete Namlook1


2008Subharmonic AtomsNamlook1


1997Pete Namlook / Hubertus Held EPPete Namlook & Hubertus Held1

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