The The (Matt Johnson's band)

~ Group


Controversial SubjectThe The7" Vinyl2
4ADAD 10[none]
Cold Spell AheadThe The7" Vinyl2
  • GB1981-09-25
Some BizzareBZS 4[none]
Uncertain SmileThe The7" Vinyl2
  • GB1982-10-08
EpicEPC A2787[none]
Uncertain SmileThe The12" Vinyl3
EpicEPC A13 2787
Uncertain SmileThe The12" Vinyl3
Sire Records, Some Bizzare9 29878-0 A[none]
Uncertain SmileThe The12" Vinyl2
Sire RecordsPRO-A-1095[none]
PerfectThe TheVinyl2
EpicEPC A 13 3119
This Is the DayThe The12" Vinyl2
EpicTA 3710[none]
PerfectThe TheVinyl3
EpicXPR 1250
Soul MiningThe TheCassette13
Soul MiningThe The12" Vinyl7
Epic466337 15099746633714
Dumb as Death’s Head / JohnathonThe The / The Sines7" Flexi-disc2
Melody Maker
PerfectThe TheVinyl2
EpicEPC A 3119
Soul MiningThe The12" Vinyl7
This Is the DayThe The12" Vinyl2
This Is the DayThe The7" Vinyl2
Soul MiningThe The12" Vinyl8
EpicPE 39266074643926614
HeartlandThe The12" Vinyl3
InfectedThe TheCD11
  • GB1986-11-17
EpicCDCBS 267705099702677028
InfectedThe TheCassette5
EpicTRUTH C35099765016703
InfectedThe TheCD11
EpicCDEPC 26770[none]
InfectedThe TheCD8
Epic AssociatedCDEPC 267709399702677025
InfectedThe The12" Vinyl8
EpicPEC 907460612139074601
InfectedThe The12" Vinyl8
EpicEPC 267705099702677011
InfectedThe The12" Vinyl3
EpicTRUTH T35099765016765
Infected (The Skullcrusher Mix)The The12" Vinyl3
Some BizzareTRUTH Q 35099765016789
Soul MiningThe The12" Vinyl2
Epic, Some BizzareXPR1322[none]
InfectedThe The12" Vinyl3
Slow Train to DawnThe The12" Vinyl4
Epic, Some Bizzare49-06810074640681011
InfectedThe The12" Vinyl8
EpicBFE 40471074644047110
InfectedThe TheCD8
EpicEK 40471074644047127
Slow Train to DawnThe The12" Vinyl3
EpicTENSE T15099765035063
Sweet Bird of TruthThe TheCD4
EpicCD THE 25099765080926
Soul MiningThe TheCD8
Epic, Some BizzareCDEPC 255255099702552523
InfectedThe TheCD11
EpicCDEPC 26770
The Beat(en) GenerationThe The8cm CD3
CBS (CBS Records' international imprint from 1962–1990; renamed since 1991 as Columbia)CBEMU85099765462838
The Beat(en) GenerationThe TheCD4
EpicCP EMU 85099765457827
Mind BombThe TheCD8
Epic, Some Bizzare463319 25099746331924
Mind BombThe TheCD8
  • US1989-07-11
EpicEK 45241074644524123
Gravitate to MeThe TheCD3
EpicCD EMU 95099765497120
The The V. The World 10″ EPThe The10" Vinyl4
Some BizzareEMU QT105099765533682
Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)The TheCD4
Some BizzareXPCD 112
Mind BombThe The12" Vinyl8
Epic463319 15099746331917
Soul MiningThe TheCD8
Epic466337 25099746633721
Mind BombThe The12" Vinyl8
EpicFE 45421074644524116
The Beat(en) GenerationThe The12" Vinyl4
Epic49 68774074646877418
Alive: Interview and Live MusicThe TheCD14
EpicESK 1867
Kingdom of RainThe The12" Vinyl4
EpicEAS 01895
Live in JapanThe TheLaserDisc15
  • JP1990-03-13
InfectedThe TheCD11
Some Bizzare, Epic488611 2, EPC 488611 25099748861122
Jealous of YouthThe TheCD3
Epic49K 73151[none]
Jealous of YouthThe The12" Vinyl3
The The Vs. the WorldThe TheCD11
EpicESK 1958
Shades of BlueThe TheCD4
Epic655796 2
Cold Spell AheadThe TheCD2
Some BizzareSBZCD016
DuskThe TheCD10
  • US1993-01-26
EpicEK 53164074645316420
DuskThe The12" Vinyl10
Epic472468 15099747246814
Dogs of Lust (disc 2)The TheCD4
Epic658457 55099765845754
DuskThe The(unknown)10
Slow Emotion ReplayThe TheCD4
Epic659077 25099765907728
Slow Emotion ReplayThe TheCD2
Epic659077 55099765907759
Burning Blue SoulThe TheCD10
Love Is Stronger Than Death (CD1)The TheCD4
Epic659371 25099765937121
Love Is Stronger Than Death (CD2)The TheCD4
Epic659371 55099765937152
DuskThe TheCD10
Epic472468 25099747246821
Burning Blue SoulThe TheCD10
Rough Trade (post-2000)RTD 120.1546.25014436113024
Save MeThe TheCD12
Kiss the StoneKTS 2118013780012110
Europe 1993The TheCD12
Rarities & FewRFCD 1295
Dogs of Lust (disc 1)The TheCD3
Epic658457 25099765845723
Dogs of LustThe TheCD3
EpicESK 4836[none]
Love Is Stronger Than DeathThe TheCD2
EpicESK 5108[none]
Slow Emotion ReplayThe TheCD6
EpicESK 5218[none]
SolitudeThe TheCD9
EpicEK 66125074646612521
Burning Blue SoulThe TheCD10
4AD9 45266-2093624526629
Live in New York (Yeah It's a Bootleg)The TheCD7
EpicESK 5300
Mind BombThe TheCD8
Epic, Some Bizzare463319 25099746331924
Soul MiningThe TheCD8
Epic466337 2, EPC 466337 25099746633721
Disinfected EPThe TheCD4
Epic659811 25099765981124
Hanky PankyThe TheCD11
Disinfected EPThe The(unknown)4
I Saw the LightThe TheCD4
550 MusicBSK 6743
I Saw the LightThe TheCD1
EpicXPCD 569[none]
Hanky PankyThe TheCD11
  • DE1995-02-10
Epic478139 25099747813924
Hanky PankyThe TheCD11
  • US1995-02-14
EpicBK 66908074646690826
InfectedThe TheVCD10
OmniMediaOMNI 1045028710110425
I Saw the LightThe TheCD4
Epic661091 25099766109121
The The vs. HankThe TheCD22
550 MusicBSK 6988[none]
NakedSelfThe TheCD12
  • GB2000-02-28
Nothing Records (US industrial/electronic founded by Trent Reznor)490 510-2606949051020
Interpretations: Issue One - ShrunkenManThe TheCD4
  • GB2000-04-10
Nothing Records (US industrial/electronic founded by Trent Reznor)497 273-2606949727321
Early RaritiesThe The(unknown)14
Early RaritiesThe The(unknown)17
Naked SelfThe TheCD12
Nothing Records (US industrial/electronic founded by Trent Reznor)0694905102606949051020
Gun SlutsThe TheDigital Media1
Gun SlutsThe TheCD1
DuskThe TheCD10
  • US2002-02-07
EpicEK 86617696998661721
45 RPM: The Singles of The TheThe TheCD15
  • GB2002-05-21
45 RPM: The Singles of The TheThe The2×CD15 + 8
Epic504469 95099750446997
45 RPM: The Singles of The TheThe The2×CD15 + 8
EpicE2K 86611696998661127
Film MusicThe The2×CD46 + 15
  • GB2002-06-25
Soul MiningThe TheCD7
  • US2002-07-02
Epic, Lazarus, Legacy (Legacy Recordings)EK 86614696998661424
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