Name ISRCs Rating Length
Dörvön Oirdiin uria (praising song for the tribe of the Oird) 9:15
Elstiin gangad nutag (höömij from Western Mongolia) 3:16
Gal Shargiin unaga (praising song of the Golf of Gal Sharga with the best horses) 6:38
Höömijiin khelkee ayalguu (praising song for King Manduul) 5:16
Höömijn törluud (höömij variation) 1:55
Ikh ezen Bogd Chingiss khaan (praising song for King Genghis) 20:19
Jargalant Altai magtaal (praising song of this mountain in the Mongolia Altai) 3:27
Khan Bogd magtaal (praising song for all of our Khan Bogd) 11:35
Setgemj (four mountains in Ulaanbaatar höömij) 2:31
Zakhchin-tatlaga (dance melody from Western Mongolia) 2:34

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