Anime Kei

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Town Where You Can See the Ocean (Originally from "Kiki's Delivery Service") 2:51
Alones 1:40
An End Once And For All (From Mass Effect 3) 3:39
Asterisk (Opening Bleach Series 1) 3:50
Awake (from Skyrim the Elder Scrolls V) 1:34
Brown Eyed Girl 2:17
Castle in the Sky Theme (Originally from "Castle in the Sky") 6:19
D-Tecnolife 2:08
Donna's Theme (From Doctor Who series 3) 3:14
Drunken Whaler (From "Dishonored") (orchestral mix) 5:34
For Rabbit (From "Medal of Honor: Warfighter") (orchestral mix) 2:56
From Past to Present (from Skyrim the Elder Scrolls V) 5:36
fTherru's Song (Originally from "Tales from Earthsea") 4:16
Grave of the Fireflies (Originally from "Grave of the Fireflies") 1:48
Hilly Town (Originally from "Whisper of the Heart") 4:13
Honor for All (From "Dishonored") (orchestral mix) 2:13
Houki Boshi 3:17
Howls Moving Castle Theme (Originally from "Howl's Moving Castle") 5:06
Ichirin no Hana 2:19
It's Time to Stop Living in the Past, Isn't It? (Originally from "Pom Poko") 3:21
Legend of Ashitaka Theme (Originally from "Princess Mononoke") 4:47
Life is Like aBoat 5:04
Main Theme (From Trinity Blood) 1:28
Main Theme (From Vampire Knight) 3:15
Mass Effect Theme 2:03
Melissa (from Full Metal Alchemist) 4:41
Misa no Uta (from Death Note) (dark mix) 1:23
Ode to Whiskey 1:50
Only Yesterday Main Theme (Originally from "Only Yesterday") 1:43
Plants Vs. Zombies Theme 3:11
Ranbu no Melody 2:23
Rolling Star 2:36
Skyrim Theme (from Skyrim the Elder Scrolls V) 2:27
Sniper Challenge (From "Hitman: Absolution") (orchestral mix) 2:12
Still Doll (from Vampire Knight) 1:28
The Boys Are Back in Town (karaoke) 3:18
The City Gates (from Skyrim the Elder Scrolls V) 3:31
The Dragon Boy (Originally from "Spirited Away") 4:09
The Wind Forest (Originally from "My Neighbour Totoro") 4:38
Theme From Avatar the Last Airbender 1:33
When Irish Eye's Are Smiling 1:56
Wing Stock 2:57

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