Name ISRCs Rating Length
Anal Rape Santa (Santa Raped My Weasel) 7:17
Animals in Disguise 3:06
Boat Gas Death Train 5:22
Burn It All and Start Again 5:54
Chains 3:55
Chin Chin Chin 0:46
Death of the Party 2:54
Easy Prey vs. Sex Maniac 3:01
Final Curtain for a Drama Queen 2:47
Floating in the Sky 5:48
Get Your Own Apartment 2:51
Get Your Shit Together 3:52
Give It to Me Straight 3:32
Grow Your Own Fucking Moustache, Asshole 5:03
Half Whale Half Cow 3:08
Hep a Birthday 0:46
Hot Roller 4:59
Hott Hott Hotter Than the Sun 2:22
I Can Swing a Hammer 3:46
I Can Swing a Hammer 3:49
I Can Swing a Hammer 3:46
I Don't Think So 2:00
I Teabagged Myself 2:58
I Teabagged Myself With Three Cans of Paint 2:33
If I Was a Camera 3:19
It's Hard to Meet Somebody (Living as a Disembodied Head) 3:57
Karate Space Tiger vs. The Humpin Jumpmaster (Swordfighting in the Jungle) 7:16
Kill My Love 4:01
Maybe We'll Make a Plan 4:22
Mr. Rimjob 1999 4:53
Nightlife 4:49
No Easy Way Out 4:59
Quelle Surprise 3:34
Quelle Surprise 3:34
Secret March 5:13
Secret March (Nik7 remix) 6:20
Spiral Eyes 8:53
Sunshine 4:30
Sunshine 4:31
The Ballad of El Doucho 4:29
The Chinball Wizard 3:57
The Chinball Wizard (Cadence Weapon remix) 3:59
The Chinball Wizard (Cadence Weapon’s Samir-Themed remix) 3:59
Tidal Wave of Hate (Baby Let's Surf) 4:22
What's the Fucking Point? (Zenko's Theme) 4:10

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