PVT (Australian Post-Rock Band, formerly "Pivot")

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
33 Percent (Technology Scum remix) PVT 6:25
A Feeling You Can Find PVT 4:16
Another Life PVT 3:32
Artificial Horizon PVT 4:13
Blood Rise Red Dawn PVT 7:11
But Now I Hate You Pivot and The Break-ups 6:56
Casual Success PVT 4:33
Church With No Magic PVT 3:55
Circle of Friends PVT 3:44
Cold Romance PVT 5:16
Colorado PVT GBBPW0900143 4 4:14
Community PVT 1:43
Crimson Swan PVT 4:37
Didn't I Furious PVT GBBPW0700258 3:29
Electric PVT 3:33
Epsilon PVT GBBPW0700259 6:31
Epsilon / Parisian Goldfish / Hold It, Attach It, Connect It / Small Song IV Pivot / Flying Lotus / Jimmy Edgar / Broadcast 5:09
Evolution PVT 3:58
FACT Mix 03: Pivot Pivot 45:36
Fake Sun in China PVT 4:17
First We Kill Them, Then We... PVT 4:31
Fool in Rain PVT GBBPW0700254 3:09
Fool in Rain II PVT 2:45
Green Light Go Modeselektor & PVT DEOE81100117 4 4:50
Helps None but Hurts None PVT 6:14
Homosapien PVT 4:22
I May Be Gone for Some Time PVT 3:45
In the Blood PVT GBBPW0700252 4:37
In the Blood (Warp20 (Infinite) locked groove) PVT ?:??
In the Blood (Rustie remix) PVT 3:58
Incidental Backcloth PVT 7:08
Interlude PVT 0:34
Kangaroo PVT 4:27
Kirsten Dunst PVT 7:17
La Mer PVT 5:31
Light Up Bright Fires PVT 4:13
Light Up Bright Fires (Nathan Fake remix) PVT 5:27
Light Up Bright Fires (Seekae remix) PVT 4:15
Love & Defeat PVT 3:59
Love Like I PVT GBBPW0700257 4:54
Make Me Love You Pivot 3:32
Montecore PVT 4:46
Montecore PVT 4:45
Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend PVT 9:01
Murder Mall PVT 4:52
My Heart Like Marching Band PVT GBBPW0700261 3:43
New Morning PVT 4:02
New Spirit PVT 3:09
Nightfall PVT 3:25
Nothing Hurts Machine PVT GBBPW0700260 4:58
O Soundtrack My Heart PVT GBBPW0700253 5:40
O Soundtrack My Heart (Seekae cover) Pivot 2:40
October PVT GBBPW0700251 1:52
Only the Wind Can Hear You PVT 3:56
Pivot Voltron PVT 7:58
Salt Lake Heart PVT 3:45
Shiver PVT 3:34
Sing, You Sinners PVT GBBPW0700255 3:38
Spirit of the Plains PVT 3:00
Sweet Memory PVT GBBPW0700256 5:47
Sweet Memory (Clark remix) PVT 4:06
Take It on the Run PVT 3:03
The Quick Mile PVT 4:26
The Quick Mile (live) PVT 4:25
Timeless PVT 5:31
Vertigo PVT 4:02
Vertigo PVT 4:03
Vertigo (Luke Abbott remix) PVT 7:05
Vertigo (Lukid remix) PVT 5:16
Vertigo (Van Vizintin remix) PVT 4:00
War Dance PVT 3:45
Waves and Radiation PVT 2:54
Window PVT 3:02
Window (Danimals remix) PVT 2:22
Window (Dorian Concept remix) PVT 3:39
Woman (live, 2006-03-07: Like a Version: Studio 227, ABC Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, Australia) Pivot AUAB00600514 3:34
Ziggurat PVT 2:34

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