Name ISRCs Rating Length
235 14:50
A Lesson For The Atoms 4:45
Back and to the Left 8:52
Complete Mental Breakdown (Special edit) 4:35
Diamond Bullet 2:43
Diamond Bullet 5:39
Diamond Bullet 5:37
Diamond Bullet 6:05
Diamond Bullet (Act 5: Virtual Reality remix) 5:14
Diamond Bullet (Act 6: Virtual Power) (part of a “Balance 007: Chris Fortier” DJ‐mix) 3:59
Diamond Bullet (Ritual) 4:11
Diamond Bullet (Ritual) 6:32
Fish (Kathy Pacific's Fish mix) 4:34
Fish (Kathy's Pacific's Fishmix) 6:04
Illuminate the planet 9:06
Illuminate the Planet (Digital mix) 6:32
Illuminate The Planet (World Disorder) 7:25
Illuminate the Planet (World in Order mix) 9:04
Introduction / Illuminate the Planet 9:27
Introduction: Illuminate The Planet 9:27
My Time is Yours 5:06
My Time Is Yours (part of a “Astronaut” DJ‐mix) 5:06
My Time Is Yours (Everlasting Love mix) 5:05
My Time Is Yours (Everlasting Love) 5:03
My Time Is Yours (Everlasting Love) (part of “DJ Electromajk: Trancing” DJ-mix) 4:34
O.M. 92 15:25
Punishing the Atoms 6:19
Punishing the Atoms 6:17
Pushing the Atoms (Paul van Dyk mix) 6:16
Reality Labyrinth 9:21
Time Zero 3:28
Trouble & Desire (original uncut version) 7:18

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